Magnetic Messaging Works

Magnetic Messaging Works
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She Finally Responded

Why won't she respond? This is the question I had asked myself time and time again! Turns out the Magnetic Messaging has helped me see the light!


I was BORING! Not anymore!

I now know why I scared her away in the first place. I was boring. Simple as that. Not anymore with these new texting skills.                   

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Magnetic Messaging Review

If you are like me then getting the attention of a woman was never an easy thing. For me text messaging was such a breath of fresh air because I did not have to be in front of a woman, but I still had to get her number in the first place… right? Magnetic Messaging has been such a game changer in my life that I wanted to whip out this magnetic messaging review so other guys that were in my shoes can benefit from it. I try to go into more details then most reviews out there since most guys are skeptical as I was and I want you to know this works! You will have to practice, but it WORKS!

Guys... this does not have to be difficult! Want Change? Then You Need to CHANGE!

  • The fact is this... texting a girl does not have to be hard. You have all the tools at your disposal you just need to know how to use them better. With Magnetic Messaging they give you more tools and show you how to become a master with them. Sure you might screw up the first few times, but that is part of the learning process. As with anything else, practice makes perfect. The great thing about Magnetic Review is they offer a money back guarantee so if you don't get results they will refund you the money, but I know you will not need that. You can actually email the creators and get a response. In fact if you are really stuck and need a phone call, they will do it. Just ask, that is what I did! Again if you have been doing the same things over and over and expecting different results that is just insanity. If you want a real CHANGE in your life then something is going to have to change... Do you know what it is? IT IS YOU!!! Get the course... study it... practice it... fail at it... until you master it, then my friend you will have the CHANGE you desperately seek. Good luck to you .

What is the Key Lock Sequence

    Here is the question everyone is asking everywhere... what is the key lock sequence? what are the 3 texts? Guys this is how it works...

  • 1. There are 3 phases basically 1. Sparking emotions, 2. Making connections, and 3. Handling logistics. The purpose of the book is to define each ingredient, supply plenty of examples and templates, and explain when—and how much—to use each. If you can do that, you will never lose another girl because of a clumsy follow up. Moreover, you’ll never add the wrong ingredients. Notice how the three ingredients of phoning and texting are NOT:
  • Asking questions
  • Providing entertainment
  • Acting polite
  • Making small talk
  • Offering explanations
  • Reciting soliloquys
  • Begging
  • Adding the wrong ingredients is like trying to make a pizza with bananas, mustard, and pita shells. But rather than getting a disgusting dish, you get an unresponsive and uninterested girl. Using the wrong ingredients will douse whatever sexual spark you may have had with her.
  • Magnetic Messaging provides an easy 3 step texting process that is utilized to initially attract a woman’s interest, second to bond and connect to the woman and lastly to plant in her mind that what any male desires, is a night with an incredible woman, and it is bound to happen. After the suggestion is set the woman will continuously think about it and yearn for it until it does happen.

Magnetic Messaging 3 texts


Magnetic Messaging Text 1

  • The first message ought to be one that speaks to the woman’s emotions. Make it believable and personal. The emotional text ought to refer to something that shows that the man is capable of emotions and caring. Perhaps, it can be something like a sick friend, an injured animal, or a crying baby. Creating an emotional connection can open a door that might not remain open for long so time is very important.

Magnetic Messaging Text 2

  • The second message creates a connection and bond with the woman. Do not make this generic it needs to be personal. Mention or talk about something that is significant to the woman. Solidify the bond between 2 people by bringing up an idea or thought that makes for a commonality. Recognizing what is essential to the woman you desire makes this easier. After the bond is in place and the connection is set, the objective is to imply that the connection with her is not just a friendship, or at least it should not be.

Magnetic Messaging Text 3

  • Suggesting an amazing encounter together is the focus of the third text. Keep in mind that the door stays open for just a brief time, after the bond is created the next step is to set in motion the seed of desire. This text ought to take on the shape of a personalized communication with veiled meanings and the objective for making the woman ponder what it would be like to get together for a date, or maybe more. This text can take countless forms yet it should be intimate and personal.

This is known as the Key Lock Sequence

  • This three step texting procedure, well-known as the Key Lock Sequence is explained in detail in the e-book Magnetic Messaging. It actually works and numerous men have utilized it to open the door to terrific dates and fantastic experiences they could never have dreamed. A recent Magnetic message review displayed on line details how one man utilized this simple system to get some woman to become interested in him. He had them phoning him for dates and suggesting close and intimate meetings after texting them three simple messages. The key is the 3 texts and the manner in which they are presented. This is a method that works. To discover for yourself look online and read all about Magnetic Messaging.