Bull Smoke Review

Bull Smoke Review
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 Whether you want to quit, or just enjoy something new and safer, a cigarette without second hand smoke, then give Bull Smoke a try. I bet you’ll never go back! I sure won’t – because I noticed I don’t have that smoker’s morning phlegm ball any longer, so thanks Bull Smoke!! Who knows, this switch may have saved my life!!       


Why Bull Smoke Works for Me?

 I’m a smoker (*gasp*), shocking, right? My smoking career started when I was in High School, when I only smoked about two cigarettes a day, if even that. It wasn’t until I was 19, living on my own in one of those quaint urban areas with lots of brick and beam buildings, with strange but cheap apartments, perfect for the brooding grunge scene in the early ‘90’s. My friends smoked, and thus, like any good little lemming, I smoked too.

• Then came the husband – anti-smoking, go figure. By the time we married, I swore off the nicotine road. And picked up the sugar bowl instead. Within a year – I had gained over 100 pounds. Oh, I tried diets, pills, meditation, running (not a good mental image, trust me on this one) – but nothing satisfied the cravings I had. It wasn’t as much an addiction to the nicotine, more of an oral fixation, something to do with my hands so my thoughts can wander, often to calm down after stressful situations.

• I was addicted to the entire process of smoking. From buying the pack, opening it, flipping my luckies, pulling out the third from the left, the feel of the lighter in my hand, flick that flame, inhale that first deep drag causing the tip to glow a brighter red… yup, I liked it all. It was a daily challenge to not smoke while married, and I gave to temptation more than once.

• Hiding smoking is hard – you have to have perfume or some type of heavy smelling spray to cover the ashtray stench on your clothes. Mouthwash, gum, and travel toothbrush and paste was in a canvas makeup bag under my car seat. I always smoked with almost all the windows down, and bought the strongest smelling car fresheners.

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• When I was blindsided by divorce, I put down that sugar bowl, threw out my “No-I’m-not-smoking-honey” kit and went right back to smoking with a vengeance. That was around 9 years ago.

• Those years have taken their toll. I wake up stand immediately hack up a huge glop of gray green phlegm. I can’t afford to buy name brand packs – Maine has one of the highest tobacco products taxes in the Nation. Yup… I roll my own, thank you very much.

• But despite the fact I was able to trim cost down to roughly $21.00 for a carton (and some elbow grease), I can feel my lungs aching, I get more upper respiratory infections, no stamina, my hair smells despite efforts to spray enough perfume. I’d heard of the electronic cigarettes since they first appeared on the market. My income at that time was never enough. I tried patches (allergic to the adhesive), gum (nasty flavor), and the inhalers (again, taste plus it just didn’t cut my oral cravings).

There was Chantix, but armed with a pair of eyes and a brain, I waited to see if there would be law suits. Yup. So, I kept smoking RYO’s (Roll Your Own). Now…wait for it… along came BULL SMOKE!        

So why Bull Smoke over the others? How do I use it?

 One drag and I was hooked. The design is sleek and ultra easy to use. Each Bull Smoke “filter” which contains the vapor, flavoring and nicotine, screw onto the “cigarette” which is the battery. Recharging is a breeze with a simple wall plug in unit – but wait! There is also a USB charger! Who knew? Great for on the road emergency charging! People may ask why your computer has taken up the habit, though. In my experience, each full charge last quite awhile, another pleasant discovery. Bull Smoke - so easy and convenient!

• Let’s look at using it. I mean, this is really what switching is all about. How it feels and how it tastes. First, choose your Bull Smoke flavor – which runs a good range from three different “tobacco” tastes, and then mint/menthol, and a range of delicious flavors like grape (my favorite), vanilla (smooth), chocolate, cherry, apple, and coffee (I always like to have a cig with my coffee, now the coffee is my cig… genius!).

• The flavored vapor cartridges also vary in strength – so you choose how much nicotine is in your Bull Smoke E.V. Cigarette unit. And yes, you can ramp down from your current intake to no nicotine – and still enjoy smoking your Bull Smoke!

• Now you have it in front of you – you have chosen your flavor, strength, put the two pieces together (Yes, only *two* pieces, it can’t get much easier!), and you are ready to go. When I put that first Bull Smoke E.V. Cigarette in grape flavor to my mouth, drew in a nice amount of vapor, it felt… right. Normal. The vapor filled my mouth and down into my lungs, the taste was so pleasant and not overpowering. I exhaled, and saw a nice cloud eddy upwards and dissipate. I was hooked.

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• I will admit, I didn’t do a cold turkey halt on the RYO’s, but I rarely smoke those, because I don’t crave a RYO! I crave the fine flavor and the feel of the vapor of Bull Smoke over any tobacco made cigarette. You don’t get all the additives that sneak in with the carcinogenic smoke of a regular cig – the chemicals that make it burn faster, propellants to make the draw easier so you take more into your lungs. Why put all that vile, nasty, and harmful agents into your body?

• Try the Bull Smoke brand Electronic Vapor Cigarette. I got the City Slicker Starter Kit. Best $99.00 bucks I ever spent. I got try all the flavors, and got *both* chargers, two batteries cigarette cylinders so my husband and I each have one, or you can carry a spare, maybe two different flavors? Included was also a book outlining all the good stuff about switching to an E.V. system. I did my homework, there are so many brands out there, but Bull Smoke was my choice, and I have no regrets!

Whether you want to quit, or just enjoy something new and safer, a cigarette without second smoke, then give Bull Smoke a try. I bet you’ll never go back! I sure won’t – because I noticed I don’t have that smoker’s morning phlegm ball any longer, so thanks Bull Smoke!! Who knows, this switch may have saved my life!!

Sincerely, M. Yerdon