Heartworm removal from dog

Heartworm removal from dog

The video is entitled Davey’s Gift From Dr. Garner. There is very little blood, but this is an incredible video of the doctor removing 85 long heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis – parasitic nematodes) from a yellow lab dog’s heart and jugular vein. You don’t see the heart or the insides, and this is not too much […]

Grandpa’s  Ear Zit

Grandpa’s Ear Zit

Grandpa has a zit just above his ear. Grandson is in charge of video. Granddaughter is in charge of popping the zit. I like or have sound on. Both of the grandkids get excited as each piece of pus comes out. There is no cussing or screaming. Run time: 5:51 Posted May 22, […]

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