Cyst Below Ear

Cyst Below Ear

This is another pretty good one from Dr. Praveen Choudhary. It’s a cyst right below the ear lobe on the back of the neck. The video quality is excellent & he has a pretty good technique. YT Poster: Praveen Choudhary Run Time: 2:01


Huge Cyst Pop

A wife and daughter performing a little steak knife surgery on dear old dad, who seems to be concerned that the incision may be too small. A little bit of language but really funny.

2 girls, one cyst

this one used to be here, but now the link doesn’t work and since it’s one of my all time favorites, and what started my love of all things zitish, I thought I’d make my *debut* with it. Enjoy YT Poster: LIVE2RID9 Run Time: 4:37


Back cyst’s last 4 days.

This is a composite of 4 pix taken on the last 4 days of this cyst’s lifetime. During that short period of time it went from being mildly annoying to extremely painful, & it simply had to go asap. I wish I had been able to take a video of the surgery, but alas….

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