Squelchy schlurpy dental abscess

Mute if you don’t want to listen to the scchhhhhlllluuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp of the suction inside the guy’s mouth while his abscess is being drained from the outside…. I don’t understand why the suction is there at all, but then I am not a dentist… Apparently the guy had some teeth extracted, but the underlying infections weren’t treated, so 5 days later he shows up at the clinic…..
YT Poster: Ramiammoun
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14 Comments on “Squelchy schlurpy dental abscess

  1. Made my jaw hurt!!!
    Excellent find wobblerlorri

  2. justsqueezit says:

    Looks like the worst case of mumps ever – or a hamster stuffing his cheeks… That amount of pressure around your teeth? Wonder if they had to scrape him off the ceiling to start the work?

  3. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

    Man, that had to hurt like hell !
    Nice mining wobblerlorri.

  4. Owee. That must have been dreadfully painful. Now I am scared witless as I have an appointment for a whole bunch of restorative work to be done on Tuesday and I believe that I have an infection right over the spot that one of the crowns is going. Poor timing and I shouldn’t have watched this. Even so, it was a great find, w-lorri.

  5. The absolute agony he must have felt, it almost hurts to watch!

    1. Extreme pain – he had to be on a liquid diet because chomping down on food would have blown the top of his head off. Extreme measures were needed in this case.

  6. unclelarry says:

    That’s one nasty abscess. Hope he felt better.

  7. the infected says:

    Most of the “hamstering” was flesh, not infection. I bet the suction was to prevent him from swallowing during the procedure; that would be a very bad time to flex your jaw and throat.

  8. can i be the first to point out the fact that this video has metallica playing in it lol

    1. Haha, i was just looking through the comments to see if anyone else noticed the tubular bells/synthesizer version of Nothing Else Matters, you beat me to it John! wouldve been better to hear the fantastic original over the whole video imo.

  9. Yes, I second the opinions that the suction was to keep him from swallowing and that it was hard to judge the abscess size from the general size of his chops – it didn’t drain as rapidly as I thought it would, but I have no doubt that it hurt! I suffer from sinus pain, and am of the opinion the Head Pain is Always Bad!

  10. Why not just ram that suction thing in the hole in his face- seems like it would work pretty well on pumping that muck out of there?? And yes, Metallica- sort of not what I would have expected from the Middle East but hey- works for me!

  11. Wow! I am amazed that the Doc had 2 poke a hole thru the front of his face! Hope he doesn’t scar~

  12. I bet they needed suction inside of his mouth because he had pus coming out around the tooth as well. That abscess can invade so far into the tissue that there are pockets that can’t be reached from inside the mouth. I’ve seen pts brought over to the OR from the oral surgery clinic who had abscesses that were expanding so rapidly that their airways were in danger of being compromised. Quite often those pts are brought to the operating room to have the abscess drained. They need general anesthetic- infected tissue doesn’t react very well to local anesthesia. And we always have to be ready to do a tracheostomy as well, since there might be so much swelling that the anesthesiologist can’t get an endotracheal tube in. Those cases can get pretty complicated.

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