Huge softball sized cyst removed intact, but cut open at the end.
Run Time: 2:42


  1. More like a baseball than a softball.

  2. THANK YOU, Dr. Bhagwat!!! And pusbuster, of course for finding and posting!!! It COULD have been a little longer, but, hey, you can’t have everything!! I say excellent!!

  3. Simply amazing!!! Dr was great going ahead an opening up the cyst where it had already began to rupture. Bravo

  4. This just isn’t my jam. I am a pus fan, of the squeezing kind. Not so much into surgeries. Wish this one had been sliced open in place and squozed the heck out of!

    1. Popparrazzi says:

      YUP! agreeee CUT IT OPENNNN lol

    2. Coma-Dome-Diva17 says:

      I’m with you. I would’ve loved to have seen this cut open and shmooshed vs removed semi-intact. Kinda like having a Rolex … clock radio.

  5. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

    Wow that was a biggie. Another find Find pusbuster.

    1. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

      Meant: Fine Find !!!

  6. justsqueezit says:

    OOOH, wish they had spent a little more time squeezing out the contents, but it WAS a biggie. Thanks for the find, PB.

  7. That’s gonna leave one gnarly scar!

  8. I am sorry but that was a butcher job…our Doc Y would have never done such a horrible job…maybe the guy didn’t have insurance! thank you for posting tho pusbuster…great mining!

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but that dude has a pink thong on- seen early in the video? Is it me or am I wrong?

    1. After all of that procedure, you notice a pink thong????? lmao

    2. the infected says:

      3 things
      How do you know it’s a dude? Maybe my sound was too low, but I didn’t notice any commentary indicating gender.
      The string could be for religious reasons. Many Indian customs involve tying strings around body parts to hold the soul to the body. I think it’s usually the wrist, but if the person were in construction or had some other job where a string could be hazardous, they could put it elsewhere.
      Did anyone else notice the large scar lower on the back? I’m thinking that this isn’t the first surgery of this kind for the patient.

    3. haha I saw that too!!! Funny :)

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