Mango Worms in a Cat

It’s our old friend from overseas, but for the first time there is a cat in the clinic. There are only a few mango worms, the good Doctor says this is normally the case in cats- they don’t have the same large infestations as dogs do. Still, I love the way those little guys pop out.

Warning: procedure on an animal, but the cat is totally not even bothered.

Mango worms in a cat called “April”
Cordylobia Anthropophaga
Run Time: 2:16

5 Comments on “Mango Worms in a Cat

  1. the infected says:

    What a cute kitty. I would have taken her home, too.

  2. justsqueezit says:

    A rather compelling argument to have an indoors only kitteh…

  3. Is it just me, or does he usually make that woman (Fatima?) pop the worms out?

    1. I assume he has her squeeze so he can film, at least he’s not making her say Tadaa.
      If you didn’t see that one, he wanted her to say Tadaa every time she popped one out.
      She only did it a couple times, I think she’d a little shy, he’s a character.

  4. They were brave removing worms while Ms. April had those incredibly strong back legs to discourage them from removing those awful worms. Nice little girl.

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