Just Another Little Filler. . .

. . .until someone comes up with some big guns.
YT Poster: Lucky Donk
Run Time: 1:14

9 Comments on “Just Another Little Filler. . .

  1. neetersb112 says:

    It may be small potatoes compared to some other videos on here but if I had someone in my life with those sort of black heads it would make my month!

  2. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

    At least you are finding vids and posting. Ahything is better than nothing new to look at.!
    Thanks, tamar

  3. zitsandgiggles says:

    weird settings on the camera but those were fun little appetizers!

  4. This guy has 3 other blackhead extraction videos on youtube that havent been posted on here yet of varying quality if you guys wanna search youtube for them!

    1. Submit ‘em! I mean, please submit ‘em!

  5. Thank you, tamar. That was a satisfying pimple pop to start the weekend off right! And with the added delight of a blackhead, you just can’t go wrong. And thank you for all the mining you’ve been doing to bring us fresh treats; it is very appreciated, my friend.

  6. Big black head. Red light seemed to enlarge the pores.

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