Infected Lipoma & Cyst Drain

First time for me so please be gentle with me. Love how he thought that this was going to be nothing and then the goo is popping out.
YT Poster: theedexitvideo
Run Time: 9:47

27 Comments on “Infected Lipoma & Cyst Drain

  1. that thing was pulsing!

  2. Until the camera angle changed, I thought I was looking at the ugliest thigh in existence. What a mess!

  3. awesome, I loved it, thank you

  4. Coma-Dome-Diva17 says:

    This was very good ~ something here for everyone!!

  5. Guy took it like a real man- worst place to get an infection and he did not even flinch…. Great video and thanks for posting it for us!

  6. I know that Dr. Oller’s vids are usually messy, this one was more explosive than usual
    Excellent find Tracy Turner and Congratulations on your first post!!!

  7. jordan1870 says:

    I love the explosion at 5:23!!!

  8. Fat_Daddy_Cool says:

    slow start but really nice mid way….

  9. Awesome first post Tracy Turner, thank you! I have a lipoma in exactly the same place as his, I wonder how I can get mine infected too??? ;-) lolol…

    1. the infected says:

      I feel a bit irresponsible for suggesting this, but if you’re serious you could try poking it with a non-sterilized pin. That’s what I did to the small sebaceous cysts on my head, trying to get them out (which didn’t work, of course) but they were a lot easier to get out after they got infected.

      1. Yikes! Shame on you lol.

      2. Now that’s an idea ;-)

    2. My understanding of lipomas (from seeing a couple on this site) is that they usually don’t come out so easy. I remember we were all impressed when a doctor was able to remove once using a punch biopsy. I would love to know if you have success with the pin, but I am not incredibly hopeful about it. Lipomas are usually pretty uncomplicated…Even in this case, it wasn’t a lipoma at all, just a nasty and large abscess. Best of luck!

  10. What a doozy!!

  11. I wonder if he packed it?

  12. He felt a relief after the cheeze explosion! Great video!!

  13. wobblerlorri says:

    That was incredible. I kept looking at that innocent little bulge about 11 o’clock to the lipoma/abscess/boil/armpit monster and wondering if it was a loculation or another one simmering along under there….

  14. unclelarry says:

    That was glorious! Love the flying chunks!

  15. justsqueezit says:

    “I’ll have the nurses clean you up better.” Jerk, and too stupid to put a chux under him to start with…. And his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me; but a nice first find, Tracey. Just wish someone else hosted the vids…

    1. I agree… jerk and too stupid to put a chux underneath. What was that little white thing he put down after the mess was made? what was the point? And, what was the deal with poking the Q tip thing half assed on top of the incision? It goes into the wound if you want to get an accurate reading of what was brewing in there. But, I loved the shooters and all the stuff that came afterwards.

  16. I love Dr. Oller’s videos, but this one is especially good. No need to go easy on you at all, Tracy! You dug up a fantastic find; thanks for posting it. :) This one is off to my favorites.

    1. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

      Excellent First Find Tracy !!!

      I have watched many of Dr. Oller’s videos, I think he is an excellent emergency room Doctor. If I go to an emergency room, only could hope to get a Doctor as good as him.


  18. He has gorgeous eyes….

  19. wanderingpopper says:

    well done. thank-you

  20. FANTASTIC!!!!

  21. Cystapoppin' says:

    Those were some impressive squirts.

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