Huge mass extracted from blackhead

This is short but sweet! Video says it’s a zit but I’m sure it’s actually a blackhead judging by the huge amount of black matter they pull out.
YT Poster: aholebroTV
Run Time: 0:30

12 Comments on “Huge mass extracted from blackhead

  1. Like how….but…what????? I wish

  2. this clip is the edited version of “25 yr old blackhead” thats been on here since last august. the youtube poster is one of those guys who reposts all the original blackhead/cyst/zit videos as if to pass them off as his own.

  3. Why all the darn repeats?

    1. $$$$$ = cheaper

    2. I agree, several repeats lately. Could be because so many people are uploading other people’s videos as their own on youtube, perhaps they think they will make money with youtube advertising however the tube has changed the rules on that game and is less easy to make $$$ that way now, durn fools. When they do hijack the really good videos it makes it harder to find the possible Part 2, if there is one! grrrrr

  4. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

    It is an edited version. Still a good find CharmedGeek, if you never saw the whole video it is hard or unable to tell.
    Too bad you can not click on the youtube on video to go to the site no more !
    I am thinking if it is on the same part of body as whole version?
    Anyone got YouTube link. post it please.

    1. This must be the original poster because there are 20,154,036 views!

      1. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

        Thanks, MsWatcher.

  5. wobblerlorri says:

    Before you post, please please please do a search on the name of the YT poster and key words in the title to make sure it’s not a repost.

    BTW, I submitted THREE brand spankin’ new videos Wednesday night…. I hope to see them here very soon. I searched the site and found nothing.

  6. Regardless if this was a ‘repeat”, or not, it was MUCH better than the one already posted!
    So, thank you for sharing, CG!!

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