Huge Cyst

I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but I was speechless.
YT Poster: TheBrotherbam
Run Time: 5:32

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  1. The worst AND the best I’ve ever seen! I wonder how long that thing took to grow that size!

  2. I’m afraid most poppers here have this one memorized. I wish there had been a followup to it, emptying that minor monster on the left shoulder.

  3. While this is one of the greatest cyst videos I’ve ever seen, this was posted a few months ago.

  4. wobblerlorri says:

    I’m wondering, is no one doing a search for videos before posting them? Because this was on here at the same time Central Georgia’s Massive Abscess Flood was posted… not that I don’t mind seeing it again, but I don’t think it should be posted as a new amazing find….

    1. Ya, well, like the they say in “Forrest Gump”, “It happens.” No one is perfect, and, I for one, had NOT seen it. Anyway, thanks for the find, and the post, chrisa, I liked it.

  5. parkavenue says:

    This amazing video was posted before but the enthusiasm by the poster is greatly appreciated. Is it possible that that huge cyst just might return? Please keep us informed!! Is isn’t over until it is over …. :-)

    1. This one could be reposted every week to keep it on the front page. Truly Epic. Like Cecil B. DeMille epic.

  6. Squishnsquelch says:

    Yes this is indeed already here, but oldies are goldies as they say. My one ambition in life would be to see the sac removal on this one…dreamy sigh.

  7. Look at it this way, when you logged on, is it better to have no new video’s, or a good repost that a lot of people probably haven’t seen?

    That must have been like having a baseball sized water balloon in your back.

  8. I’m sorry, Really I am for what I am about to say. Because I know that it is going to bother some people. But freedom of speech and all that. Besides I cannot hold it in anymore. I (like many, many people) have seen this before. I LOVE these type of videos and have been a fan for years now. But not for nothing, it makes me sick to think that someone lets a “THING” (cyst) like that, grow on their body. Come on now. I don’t want to hear the excuse that “maybe they didn’t have medical coverage” cause. look, he didn’t need coverage to get someone to remove it. Why wait til it’s the size of an orange. And I believe his family member’s should have addressed the issue before Imagine sleeping on your back. EEWWWWW ! that’s just GROSSSSSSSSS

    1. ultraworld says:

      No apologies necessary. This had to stink to high heaven. And this doesn’t pop up over a weekend. He stained everything he came near. Unless he lived in a tent, he made someone’s life hell. And there’s a another one on top of his shoulder.

  9. I wonder what sort of aroma that thing had. I am guessing it was the putrid “smells like ass” essence, but maybe it went to another level.

  10. i’m sill waiting for a follow up

    1. I’d venture a guess that we’ll never see a “follow up” simply by virtue of the fact that the fellow (son-in-law/nephew/Nancy boy) did such a poor job of recording in the first place. He was totally nauseated by the subject matter, kept retching while he filmed, felt he’d taken more than enough video, and for all intents and purposes, completely whimped out, falling down on the job. Now, if his wife was able to find another willing cameraman, excellent! I’m game. But this fellow was no match for the Cyst That Overtook The South.

      1. The gagging/pseudo vomiting sound was more disgusting than this video could ever be. I about gagged (true) every time he did it. Hand the camera to someone that can handle it without grossing everybody out. The fact that the family BBQ turned into a cyst-fest says a lot about the attendees lol. Seems they are members of our tribe.

      2. diamondgirl says:

        This Cyst Overtook Boston or Philly, nothin’ Southern about these people.

  11. zitsandgiggles says:

    Just never gets old and every time is like the first time watching it. Their only mistake (maybe?) was not charging admission.

  12. Xander Kelly says:

    If this website ever makes t-shirts they should say, “There’s a zit on the back you could make a gift shop out of.” I’ll take one in light blue and one in heather gray.

  13. I have to say that this had to be uncomfortable to handle in daily life. Why would someone let a cyst get that large before having it opened and drained. I would imagine that sleeping on his back, reclining in a chair, wearing a shirt, driving a car, etc. would have been Hell.

  14. neetersb112 says:

    To quote another gave video, “Make a bigger hole!”

  15. Not to be rude lol but it looks like your getting milked….!!! haha Goat Milk Or Curdled Milk.

  16. acetonedeaf says:

    this is a great one.. but the best part, to me, is the camera man losing his lunch. :x i had to giggle, despite how bad i felt for the guy. and the guy with the cyst is just like ‘.. you pussy!’ lolol.

  17. says:

    Did you ever have one like this Brad? Now that was pretty cool! Hey! I’m Italian, I have nothing better to do on St. Paddie’sDay, so sue me!!!!

  18. Even the best ones that I can manage to grow myself are still puny compared to this one. I’d sell my mom into slavery to get my hands and squeeze one like this.

  19. OMG I could watch this again and again.

  20. My first time viewing this and I loved it. However, the pussy filming it needed to stay put and keep filming. We missed stuff while he was away crying about a little dropping on him.
    That thing looked like a breast squirting sour milk. I loved it and am going to watch it again.

  21. I’ve seen this one a few times; has to be one of the most amazing one out there. That guy must’ve felt sooo much relief after.

  22. I would REALLY like to know what the gentleman did after she opened this up. Did he go to the ER of WHAT?@?@?@ Anyone know what happened?

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