Herman the Abscess

This fine young fella had an abscess on the back of his neck. While he was unfortunately lax in getting the original recorded, he did manage to treat us to the first unpacking, a bit of cleaning and chunk removal, and second packing. Pretty good videography except for one selfie that is still pretty funny. Enjoy!
Originally posted to YT by Jacob Eppenstein
Run Time: 5:37

4 Comments on “Herman the Abscess

  1. LadyExcrescence says:

    Needs some more camera skills- Didn’t find it as amazing as described. Jus’ sayn’!!

  2. the infected says:

    I enjoyed that. Not the pus, so much, but the friendly badinage. He’s a very chill young man, with his “pardon for any expletives”. I quite liked the selfie, as well.

  3. Herman still looked full as swollen up as it was. Poor young man.

  4. invisableman says:

    I’m not impressed with this doctor. I don’t think he has all that much experience with boils.

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