Creamy creamy creaminess

Someone has a “bad back problem”. Yeah, I guess you could put it that way. And there’s a part where I dare you to NOT think of balut…
Originally posted to YT by Julie Carpenter Hulsey.
Run Time: 2:16

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  1. But you didn’t get finished!!!
    Excellent find wobblerlorri!!!

  2. Wow… that first explosion of gunk was amazing. I can only imagine what it must have smelled like, though.

    Great find!

  3. wobblerlorri says:

    I just now listened to it with the sound turned waaaaay up. After the big splurt comes out, when doc is squeezing on it, it makes a little “squeerkt!” sound. So cute!

  4. Repost, I have it in my favorites, but I still love it! So if all the goo was up near the surface of the skin, why did it only visualize after the anesthesia injections?

    1. wobblerlorri says:

      That blanching was from the epinephrine in the lidocaine, not from the creamy goodness. It helps reduce bleeding when you cut into something.

  5. Hope floats and so do an infected sebas cyst. At one point the pile of pus had two red eyes! It was taunting us.

  6. I too, have seen this before and have much appreciation for it. The description however included the word “balut” which I had never heard of before so being the curious one that I am, I went looking to find out what it is. Balut is a fertilized duck egg which has been boiled part way thru it’s development effectively killing it in the process. This is a delicacy in much of the Asian world, I’m not sure exactly when in the development of the egg it is boiled but there is a partially formed duck embryo in it as well as the white and yolk so I can see why wobblerlorri would dare us to NOT think of balut…! Don’t think I would ever want to eat it! Ever! During my search I stumbled upon another asian duck delicacy called “century egg” which I hope we will never see anything from the human body compared to on this site! Woo hoo and a slurp, slurp too! Love you all. my PTZ Friends!

  7. Man, I just love a good infected sebac cyst video. The Best!

  8. Gliss-Puss-Bliss says:

    Great video !! wobblerlorri.

  9. Is it just me or did this one seem to be more of a bleeder?

    1. yea, i think that was because the doc cut way too far, over an inch wide, when i think a narrower incision of the same depth would have sufficed. just my opinion!

  10. wobblerlorri, that was terrific. I just wish we could have watched the entire procedure.

  11. zitsandgiggles says:

    Personally I just keep my broccoli and cheese soup in a thermos if I need to take it on the go. That’s just me. :-P Nice find :-)

  12. Nice harvest! Hate not seeing the ending, though! :(

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