Boil draining

This is what the title translates to.
Sanatorium “the kids” – Bead Sequi! – Incision and drainage
It’s got bad lighting, bad camera work, and it ends way to soon, but it’s still worth a look.
YT By: Roby Vargas
Run Time: 3:46

19 Comments on “Boil draining

  1. Did you see the huge scar on the left side of his abdomen? This guy has had serious gut surgery before. He shouldn’t be letting this get so bad and self treating. Hope he gets proper medical attention!

    1. Yes, indeed he needs to seek immediate medical attention for that reason, the size of the boil and it’s close proximity to his liver. That had a huge amount of pus.

      1. His liver is not right there. It sits above and to the right of the stomach. All that is there is intestines.

      2. Thanks for the anatomy lesson, regardless of the organ impacted, it’s extremely abnormal.

    2. Valla al médico si no quiere que le salga alguna infección y lo lleven al morgue.

  2. unclelarry says:

    Dang. Ended way too soon. That thing need to be professionally drained by a doc. Beautiful post Pusbuster.

  3. PusBuster Darling, thank you for finding and sharing such awesome pusoplasm!
    Much Love to all my PTZ Friends <3 Ms. Watcher

  4. What a bunch of knuckleheads!!! That boy needed to be in an ER somewhere and let a M.D. lance that angry looking mess!!!
    Excellent find pusbuster!!!

    1. “Angry” was the exact adjective that popped into my mind as well.

  5. YES!!! Someone with gloves that i like. Invisible for the eye.
    And the patient was on the right time to get a treatment! Not a second to late!
    Light and camera were perfect and loved the pop from start to finish.

    And this post was completely sarcastic from me.
    What a fools! It isn’t april first, right?

  6. justsqueezit says:

    *Sigh* This could’a been a contendah

  7. Man, I agree entirely, justsqueezit, and then some. I kept thinking, could’a, would’a, should’a, JEEZE, it was all there, but it’s like they were teasing us. I wanted to reach into the screen SO bad! Oh, well, it was a nice find, pusbuster. I will always wonder if we were being teased on purpose???

  8. Great find, pusbuster!

    Somewhere down the line, there was an explosion waiting to happen. I’m sure it would have been glorious.

    But I agree with the other popologists: this needed to be done by a doctor. I hope the guy is doing well now!

  9. wobblerlorri says:

    Have you noticed that most amateurs don’t realize just how thick human skin is? They make these tentative little picks and pokes at something, while professionals (doctors and probably us) boldly sink the blade in and get things going in a hurry! If this popper had given that thing a bold jab and slice, it would have just POURED out, no need to squeeze on it until the end.

    But maybe the poppee had that done later, when it grew to twice that size and was suppurating all over his fancy sweats…

    1. I’m always afraid that I’ll make the cut requiring stitches.

  10. Taffitabing says:

    This would have been awesome if the camera work was better, it ended way too soon, there was still lots of guck and yuck left to see!!

  11. JUST SQUEEZE IT!!!!!!

  12. omg….. just clean it out…..NOT !!!!!!!!!! going to a DOCTOR would be a BETTER idea…. for some antibiotics and professional attention !!

  13. invisableman says:

    Obviously this guy can’t handle the pain so he should go to the doc.

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