Large Sebaceous Cyst – Nothing Delicate About It

This is a large sebaceous cyst removal. The video has no sound/is low quality, but still shows a lot of discharge when worked on!

20 Comments on “Large Sebaceous Cyst – Nothing Delicate About It

  1. Mercy, that’s one approach.

    1. He was pulling at it like ribbon on a package that won’t come off!

      I’d done the same thing :)

      1. I think I recall this video… I think what we’re seeing is “psychic surgery.” These “healers” open the skin with the “bare” finger and excise all sorts of items… mostly chicken guts (when tested).

  2. That was a delight. Plenty of the good stuff, and no messing around with getting at that sac!

    1. Yes, the Four-finger squeeze always works – pulls it up as if a cauliflower head.

  3. wobblerlorri says:

    Love that cauterizing technique, there, chief….

    1. Oh, I thought it was disinfectant.

  4. Vildy, I almost fell outta my chair when she yanked up the cyst-sac. I am amazed the patient didn’t pass out.

    1. I was ready for her to be lifted off of the table/bed – he was pulling so hard at it.

  5. Golden oldie and one of my faves. I thought he was going to lift the patient off the table when he pulled the sac.

  6. Earth, Wind and Fire.

  7. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  8. lord that guy was ruthless pulling the sac out… ouch.. mercy..

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    ….. does anyone else smell BBQ?

  10. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    That is a great video. This is a real oldie, have not seen in years. Thanks for posting the video vildy. Nice Find!

  11. peterpiperpicked says:

    “Now hold still son while I singe you with my peace pipe”…….ouch

  12. am i alone here in thinking he pulled out a baked potato…skin and all?

  13. Why is everyone saying HE, this is a woman that is excising this beast. Yanking up the skin was a bit much, but this is why I look at these things, for these hard, gnarly lookin ones just like this! GREAT FIND VILDY!

    1. dangerouslesions says:

      He looka like a man… It’s a man, baby! (with pretty lips)

  14. yes, that is one of those “faith healers” that pull out a cyst from some ones back and then claim it was some type of cancer they pulled out with out using a scalpel.

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