HUGE Cyst, How?!?!?

Oy Vey, how does this happen that a person can allow a cyst to get so big!!! This is my first post and its a whopper, am hoping that this will elevate me to beyond Hyper Wyper!
Author: Accept No Limit Vids
Run time: 1:55

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  1. My god, what was that? Plus: too short!

    1. I believe it was a very large and old sebaceous cyst. And I agree the video was too short. How can someone let a growth on their body go untreated until this point?

  2. To speak in metaphors: This video could have been a masterpiece of world literature, but instead we got the Cliff’s Notes. Sigh! What we got a taste of, however, was amazing.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Go get some more @MSWATCHER , and Thanks!

  3. Xander Kelly says:

    It’s not real, you dummies.

  4. Hehe GREAT FIRST POST MsWatcher! Simply Brilliant albeit Fake :) Pretty awesome tho :D

    1. Totally fake. Why was this even posted?


      1. Fake alright!!!

    2. Holy Poop, it sure looks real to me but then I just had my first cataract surgery on Wednesday so I’m operating with vision from one really good eye and one really, really bad eye! Pretty fun but fake? I’ve watched alot of these videos and even tho I did see some red flags it was a pretty convincing fake in some aspects, whoever made this went to alot of trouble, still satisfying….. Oh, oh, I know my excuse now, pain meds!!!

      Ricotta and juice from a very fresh tomato in a tomato/flour tortilla wrap, anyone?

      YT Title: Huge Cyst Pop 30+ Years Old

      Will I be relegated to HyperWyper status for the rest of my Watching days!?!

      1. Yay! I’m a Blackhead Bomber now! Whoo Hoo, snap and all that pus, keratin and sebum too!

      2. Glad the surgery went well on the one eye! :) Fake vids (or “appreciation” videos :) ) can be just as much fun. Thanks for mining and posting!

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Why is it a fake? One word…

    …… but somehow satisfying.

  6. Ah an amazing feat of trickery!
    Slight of hand!
    Prestidigitation if you will!
    I like how they went to the trouble to move the mannequin back and forth a little to make him look like he was alive.
    A waste of good looking cole slaw though.

    1. Sleight of hand.
      Someone who was slight of hand and had sleight of hand would be a very good pickpocket!
      Steps back and puts on tin hat awaiting mass opprobrium.

  7. That looks so fake, almost like they used a muffin tin as the mold for the protuberance.

    1. Looks like a soup can was used to me., also the “Dr.’s ” fingernails are really long. A little too long in my opinion.

  8. Mucho fako as they say down Mexico way.
    What do you think they used for cystic contents? Given the amount of thin liquid I would say that cottage cheese was involved.

    1. My vote is ricotta. Not “creamy” enough for cottage cheese.

  9. Can you say “SMALL CURD LOWFAT COTTAGE CHEESE”?!! Sorry, but I have to agree with a lot of the others here, I think I see a fake! Still pretty gross and a neat post though!
    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. poppy popperson says:

      It is epic but it is also very small curd cottage cheese mixed with something reddish/brown. It’s kinda like Santa, I really want it to be real but it isn’t.

  10. Haven’t posted in ages, but must say that this was obviously fake – knew the minute I saw the shape of the “cyst”.

    Have watched enough of these to know the difference.

    Sorry darling, you are still a Hyper Wyper!

  11. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    I can tell it was fake right away, by the shape and supposedly skin of the cyst.
    I must say the pus matter was done very good, compared to other fakes.
    It was still a good video. Good find anyway MsWatcher !

  12. Has to be a relative of the gentleman with the back watermelon squeezed out in the back yard!

    MUST live in seclusion because I would have subdued him and bust it open long before it got the size of a soccer ball.

    Doc – SQUEEZE it as hard as you can – it’s not going to break and even if it did – all the better!

  13. At first I thought that this guy was waiting until he had enough “material” to re-grout his tiles. Then the squeezing began and I realized that the “material” looked so much like cottage cheese, that it had to be cottage cheese. I noticed that whenever squeezing was going on, the squeezer kept the area where the so called cyst joined the so called squeeze’s body, covered up. Somebody with experience doing stage makeup built and attached this faux zit. It was a fairly good slight of hand trick and reminded me somehow of the bloodless Asian surgery that is done with no instrumnents – just bare hands and a lot of chicken liver. Thanks MsWatcher, you did a great job considering the fact that you just had eye surgery. I can hardly wait until you have your second cataract surgery and are fully recovered. You will be a force to be reckoned with.

    1. At first it looked like rice pudding to me! But maybe I just miss rice pudding too much…haven’t had it in ages!

      And I second your kudos to MsWatcher!

  14. I was going to post a question asking if anyone else thinks that the video is fake, but I see that plenty of people agree with me. Yup, that looks fake to me. But the post was entertaining nonetheless!

  15. I’m not convinced it’s fake.
    I thought it was fake right away, but the more times I watch it, the more I think there’s a chance it’s real.

  16. MsWatcher, my humble opinion is that this one is so much fun to watch that I just don’t care about its authenticity. Naturally, we would wish nobody would resort to trickery…welcome to our group!! poppy

  17. Hi, MsWatcher et al,

    I had posted this one a while back on the forum to a similar round of responses, not as plentiful nor as rich. In order to cope with my own embarrassment I had to claim that I posted in a desperate attempt of sharing new material and couldn’t up with anything more legitimate.

  18. poppy popperson says:

    Does anyone ever wonder why none of us ever get cysts or other lovely things? Nor do we know anyone that has them? I find that completely unfair. I have wished a cyst upon myself and even considered the idea of not bathing for a few weeks to get something going. So unfair.

  19. Pitiful, just pitiful, come on, if you had an upturned tuna can full of porridge…nah, an insult

  20. Holy smokes…Is that one of those cow videos?

  21. I’ve seen plenty of videos on this site where the “pus?” looked exactly like that seen in this one! However, I do not recall even the biggest, most packed abcess, tumor, boil, etc. to be shaped like the one being critiqued here. Me thinks SOMEONE watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind one too many times! It is interesting to watch, though, and certainly NOT MsWatcher’s fault that it is like pretty (99%?) sure to be fake.

  22. heavymetalhippie says:

    That thing looked like Devils Tower! You know, from “Close Encounters of the Third KInd.” Plus, it looked like cottage cheese coming out of it. I agree that it’s fake.

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