Worms removed from street dog

This street dog is getting ready to be spayed and is having worms inside its skin removed. The glove-less practitioner removes the worms by hand.
Posted by: Cordylobia Anthropophaga
Run Time: 3:01

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  1. This stuff infuriates me. How any person could let a dog suffer like that should be shot on the spot.

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Gotta remember Popamatic that these are “Street dogs”. They are owned by no one and use their wits to survive on the streets. Spaying and neutering is the best thing you can do for them.
    The great people at the Gambia clinic do this for free but there are costs involved. I help when Mrs PTP sends a donation to ASPCA, I match it and send one to..
    http://www.vetclinicgambia.com/ (click on the DONATE button)

    If you can help them with a donation, that’s great, if not, just thank them for supplying us with these videos.

    1. Yes this is a street dog. However, the majority of the pets in these videos have owners that do nothing until the poor dogs are covered with the worms and weak. They seem to like purebreds (status symbol?) but don’t seem to like taking good care of them.

  3. Poor baby :( She is very fortunate to have been rescued by the clinic personnel (angels).

  4. peterpiperpicked says:

    Holy shamoly, it was like a grab for cash in that poor dogs pelt……lucky it was sedated for that.

  5. I guess I’m at a loss for anyone who gave this a thumbs down. Oh, I do donate to the county animal shelter which is a no kill facility. Also I have a friend who works at a distribution center and they handle Petco and the other stores they own. If there is a torn bag or one that they can’t sell he sets them aside and I bring pallets of dog food to the shelter monthly so I do my part. Yea, I enjoy the video’s as well but street dogs once had a home in 90% of the time. I’m not bashing anyone. I just don’t get the logic, thats all.

  6. Thank you for the donation link. This clinic does amazing work. I would not make the assumption that the Street Dogs are status symbols or pure breds. Many of the Pariah or primitive dogs that live on edge of human society are similar in appearance – prick ears, short coat, a slight curve to the tail, a square build (as tall as long), fairly light bone, long face – when I was doing postbacc work I had a professor who happened to be a dog behavioralist who said that was what you get when you mix all dogs together; but latest genetic research points to that what you see here is what a dog is without a man’s intervention or a wolf’s genetic stamp reintroduced into it.

  7. justsqueezit says:

    The only thing that would be better then getting to squeeze those nasty parasites out would be to dumb them in a bowl with alcohol and set them on fire. Yes, twisted, I know, but it was how we dealt with ticks on our dogs. No chance of crawling off and infecting a human…

  8. This is not easy to watch but I so admire their work, and it’s gratifying to know this animal’s future should be brighter…hopefully.

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