Whoa!! A LOAD of pus!! “????”

Hello again my favorite community here at PTZ!! It’s Bu & I’ve got a treat for you! ;-) I did a search here on this one & was unable to find it, so I really hope this isn’t a repost! :-D This is a 3-parter, but I think the 2nd one is the best! Be warned that there are very LOUD screams, gagging noises, giggling, laughing and, for some reason, a constant beeping that is rather annoying, so I would highly recommend MUTE, especially if anyone is wearing headphones and doesn’t wish to lose their hearing! :-) Now kick back with a bowl of tapioca pudding or ice cream & Enjoy this 3-part pus squirting cyst!! :-D And as always …. HAPPY POPPING!!! :-D
Published by: ThumbsUpFilms2012
Run time: 10:17

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cQR5YJfHfw&feature=g-upl
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxTBD2t9k4o&feature=g-upl

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  1. Well, Mr BP – sending you a great big thanks. This was just terrific. Confession time here – nobody except my fellow PTZers would understand this. While viewing this amazing piece of film, I managed to scarf down and entire (small) mushroom pizza. Most people spend time finding the right music and wine to accompany dinner but for me – agood zit does the trick perfectly. I can safely say that my friends would call me nuts if I were to tell them and they would genuinely be repulsed. So I must share my dark secrets with you folks. Now I need to find a pustule or two to go with dessert.

  2. hyper wiping :(

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I’m wondering if the following would have helped:
      1. Larger incision
      2. One good hard squeeze
      3. Someone “neutralize” the hyper-wiper
      4. The cyst sac
      5. A camera tripod

      1. Oh a firm ‘four finger hold’ and it would truly been a Gallagher Shower of keratin (aka, ‘nasty feet smelling). Please more videos to even up the cyst – right side was riding high. :) Bravo!

      2. i agree, i hate a hyper wiper, someone who cant cut a hole and some one who is afraid to SQUEEZE……………..

    2. theresa newberry says:

      cant stand a hyper wiper, you ruined the whole thing, jerk.

      1. Great potential, only to be ruined by hyper wiping. Bummer.

      2. theresa newberry says:

        i agree, the hyper ruined the whole thing, absolute jerk

  3. Some major chunkage and squirting, but I could have done with less messing around and more squeezing. It was a beauty of a cyst! I loved the draped plastic sheeting on the victim, er, poppee. They were prepared!

  4. 3cysterscafe says:

    It’s always nice to see some oldies but goodies! This one has a lot goning for it! If still have it in my favorites! Thank for posting a great reunion video.,,Buford Pus-ER

  5. Appreciate your post, Buford. It’s so delicious to see some new goodies!

    1. its not new…but it was good :)

  6. like that guy says…..”make a bigger hole”

  7. One healthy four finger squeeze and the cyst would have been gone in less than two minutes, with a commensurate pus pile and a few high pressure shots. I felt like I should reach through the monitor and grab this cheese apricot and squeeze it.

    However, bring on the crackers, we have enough cheese.

  8. Am I mistaken or did anyone else notice the scarring on the skin over the cyst? It’s identical to the little poke mark made in this video. I don’t think this is Little Cysty’s first time at the rodeo. I could be wrong.

  9. Buckshotkid762 says:

    Eating and watching pus fly is normal for me too.

  10. the video is great (basically, but that wiper….). I could have handled the cursing instead of that bleeping beeping!

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