Huge Cyst Squeezed

“The smell is hitting me now!”
The video starts halfway into the good part which is a little disappointing, however she gives a couple of really good squeezes that gets all over her hands.
Author: Anatomy Channell
Run Time: 0:54

6 Comments on “Huge Cyst Squeezed

  1. wow! I don’t think I have ever seen the cheese come out like that
    the hole was very small so the cheese came out like a can of “silly string”

  2. It reminded me of ice crystals forming using time lapse photography.

    1. That is what I was thinking also. I had to watch it again to see if I was imagining it.

  3. It was pretty darn good for the little bit that we saw. :-)

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Nice nails.

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