Big Cyst on Man’s Calf

When squeezing, the pus from this leg cyst almost hits the popper’s friend in the face!
This cyst gets three good squeezes before they stop recording.

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  1. I’m so glad to see this posted here. I saw it on the forum earlier today and enjoyed it while it lasted. I just wish he had filmed longer.

  2. Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful for what we got to see; that explosion was priceless. But there was so much more in that cyst, it’s a bit of a shame they stopped recording.

    Great find anyway!

    1. Better something than nothing. One thing only: please people, quit that hyper-wipeïng. We want to see the stuff coming out of the cysts.

    2. He said that he wasn’t going to keep squeezing it in the bedroom —- maybe he went outside or in another room in the house and video taped some more of that monster being ejected!

  3. wobblerlorri says:

    I wonder if there’d be a market for a clear plastic adhesive pouch, sort of like an ostomy bag, that you could put over a zit and squeeze into. It’d prevent flying pus and leaping sebum, contain it neatly in a bag, but still be transparent enough for excellent video documentation… hmmmm…..

    I can hear one of those announcers now…

    (woman clumsily pops a zit, cringes back with pus dripping off her glasses)
    (another shot of Pus Gone Wild)

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      LOL That’s right up there with a Clapper TY ad.

  4. Im reminded of the song….More, More, More, how do ya like it, how do ya like it !!! I Loved It, but I wanted more…..there was so much more to give. Maybe there is a 2nd installment out there (fingers crossed). thanks for the post…it was a goodie.

  5. Now that’s entertainment. This is why the internet was invented. Nice find pusbuster.

  6. OK, I finally found something to be inspired about this Cystmas Season, so here goes: From Lou-Pus to my PTZ Family around the world…

    “O HOLY PUS”

    O holy pus
    The sebum’s bright and shiny
    This is the night of the dear pustule’s birth

    Long lay the skin
    In pain and ever pining
    Till pus appeared
    When they squeezed and it burst

    A thrill of hope
    All PTZ rejoices
    For yonder breaks
    A new and glorious post

    Four-fingered squeeze
    O hear the squirting noises
    O pus divine
    O pus from cyst come forth
    O pus divine
    O pus, O pus divine

    Merry Cystmas Everyone. Pus bless us one and all!

    1. Lou, your ” o pus divine” does make a beautiful opus. Thanks for putting on your thinking cap and writing this parody – with perfect metre.

      1. Thanks, Pusareys. And as they might say on “Seinfeld” (if they were PTZ fans), Happy Pustivus.

  7. It’s the size of a large hen’s egg – how much do you think is inside of it since the 7th grade? WOW – were you loaded!

  8. Yet again, what would have been an epic squeeze ruined…I’ll never ever EVER understand why people suddenly stop when the pus starts coming out…thats when you should squeeze more, not stop!!!

  9. This wimps ruined a perfectly good cyst that could have gone to the top 10 if they had used the four-finger grip of death, plus enough force, and minimal wiping.

  10. Dang! I was looking for the YouTube user name on here (didn’t that used to be posted below?) to see if there was a part two or a follow up – but I didn’t see it.
    I also did a youtube search and only found TONS of baby cow pics.

  11. Video removed by Youtube for disgusting content :-(

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