Real Head Cheese!

**CAUTION** Brain Surgery! See additional warnings below.

Not a down to the very last bit extracted complete video, but definitely the very best part – a whole lot’o’cheese being carefully scooped free! The first thing that sprang to my mind was “Now this is head cheese, the real thing!” And, of course, those Neurosurgeons are ah-maz-ing!!

~~~~ WARNING!! ~~~~
To Remove Cyst or Tumor
May Contain Copious Amounts of Blood
Or Other Disturbing Content
Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised.
~~~~ WARNING!! ~~~~


YT Commentary:
“Young man presents with right sided headache and left sided weakness. MRI showed approximately 5 cm para falcine mass in the parietal region with restricted diffusion on MRI. Video of patient with the face pointing to the left. Dura reflected inferiorly towards the superior sagittal sinus. White, pearly tumor comes to the surface. Soft keratinous mass scooped out easily.”

RUNTIME: 4min 22sec

TITLE: “Removal of Epidermoid of Brain”
YT INFO: Nov 28, 2013 by Kavian Shahi MD PhD

60 Comments on “Real Head Cheese!

  1. whats on your mind??????

    1. Scrambled eggs

    2. for real. that was amazing.

  2. what an amazing vid! I couldn’t believe how far down they went, and how big the diameter of the cyst was. I wonder if his brain will regenerate in that area?
    justsqueezeit, you hit the jackpot!!

    1. I wish they would have shown the whole cyst removed to view the cavity.

      He literally has a hole in his head – a 2″ x 2″?

      I would like to have a cyst to pop but not under the skull cap. Lots of cheez with a big sac lining.

      5 star video in my book.

  3. A superb video. The contents of the cyst looked like flakes of fish and boiled egg yoke!
    My only sadness is that we couldn’t have seen the op through to the end ie all the cystic mass removed and what they did with the hole.

    1. diamondgirl says:

      Looks like cream cheese to me. I can’t get passed thinking about where it came from? What is it? Is it common? Everytime I have a headache, I am going to think of the cream cheese brain. Geez!!!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Good job to all that scoop out the cream filling from the center of life….

  5. Appalling spelling on my part. I meant yolk not yoke.

    1. Pick_that_Puppy,, I actually didn’t even notice that misspelled it hahaha, It looked ok to me :)

    2. Sorry, I meant Corklee, not Pick-that-Puppy. So sorry !! I don’t even know who Im talking to, how in the world would I notice a misspelling LOL!

      1. diamondgirl says:

        LMAO!!! I tried not to laugh at PTP because it looks like I am a stalker. Everything he says that I read makes me laugh! Then the yoke/yolk, I laughed at that because I didn’t notice it either…Here goes…

        THE YOKES ON ME!!! LOL

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    Excellent video & a lotta cream cheese! I was indeed fascinated by this video! Anything involving the brain is so interesting to me! Great post justsqueezit , thanks for sharing!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      The more I watch the more I like! That was interesting consistency to say the least! Kind of like any custard! Ya think?

  7. I have never wanted to be a brain surgeon so badly in my life!!!
    They should totally show this video at career day, there would be a stampede to sign up for medical school.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Did you ever consider Ice cream scooping college?

      1. No – scooping melon balls out :)

  8. Wow…. What can be said..

  9. Mind says to matter: “I feel so empty without you.”

    1. Barry Manilow?

    2. justsqueezit says:

      I guess that would be “Mind UNDER matter”, huh?

  10. Xander Kelly says:

    Now imagine that they go at that brain like they’re working in a barn and slashing open a cow’s cyst. Did you guys see the rice come out at the beginning?

  11. justsqueezeit, I just can’t believe how much stuff was in there. It is so amazing that they can do such meticulous work and film it so well at the same time. Thank you so much for finding this for us.

  12. when we were little, our parents hid the Easter eggs for us to hunt and we always found all but one,lol, how did he get it in his head?,lol

  13. Looks like Hannibal Lecter is having dessert,,, one or two scoops. Bad joke hope he is well.

  14. Looks like Hannibal Lecter is having dessert,,, one or two scoops. Bad joke hope he is well.

  15. That was just a work of art!! Unbelievable consistency! Im getting heart flutters just thinking of how nice it would be to find one on a back that big and that consistency!!! I think Im getting the vapors!! (If that’s how its spelled, I am from the south so I should know this, you would think) Ive been lightheaded and Ive been queezy, but I don’t know if I ever experienced the “vapors”, however, if there ever was a time for it, that time is now. That was AWESOME!!!

    1. Perfectly correct spelling of vapors unless you are a Brit. We Brits prefer to insert a “u” between the “o” and the “r”.
      The Vapors were also a quality punk band from the 70s/80s. Turning Japanese was brilliant.

      1. diamondgirl says:

        That song isn’t about Turning Japanese though…ummmm nevermind, I digress!

        Oh great find justsqueezeit! I really do hope all is well with the person who had to experience this! Things could be so much worse. This cheesy stuff doesn’t look threatening at all.

    2. Southern women carry a lace hank up their dress sleeve when they feel the vapors coming on. They have lovely delicate fainting (swooning) couches

      upon which to rest. If they saved the keratin that they scooped out and showed him a picture of the very large hole, the patient would need a fainting chair.

  16. I must be hungry, it looked like lemon ricotta to me. How fascinating! I, too, wonder what they used to fill the cavity, or if they could leave it, and the brain would fill the space again. No wonder the poor guy had a headache, with that gigantic thing pushing on the brain tissue.

    1. As the brain will have been pushed to one side by the tumour, i would imagine it would gradually reposition itself over time, the body has an amazing ability to recover, but like you said, no wonder the poor guy had a headache!

      1. Ben I think you are correct on that…..the brain would just slowly return to its normal position. In fact I “think” I read something like that a long time ago, when a tumor was removed, that the brain would just fill in the area that was pushed aside from the tumor. I do want to say, that when I first saw the vid, I thought that it was just the scalp that was cut and being held back with those retractors, and the cheese was between the scalp and the skull. I suppose Im wrong about that, they must have cut a portion of the skull off and its there somewhere on the side. I think they put that skull bone back and then eventually stitch the scalp back in place. Am I right about this fellow PTZers???

      2. Maloralw – I noticed the skull plate and realized that they had to take the entire top of his head off the circumference of the head. That was an IMENCE operation!!!

  17. The brain material that was shoved over will make its way back into the space it once occupied. My husband’s brother had a BIG tumor on the right side of his brain. The Neurologist told the family how the brain would heal itself. It leaves a void when the brain matter is moved.

  18. “Easily scooped out.” Yeah.

    Looks like industrial vanilla ice cream, or as one poster said, lemon ricotta.

  19. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Nice find justsqueezit !!!!!! Love the consistency of the cyst.
    I guess the patient is from Green Bay??

  20. I wonder what sort of tumour was it, and did the patient recover?

    1. Chris Monks says:

      I wondered that, we are all loving the vid but what happened to the patient, this is more than a pop but a scoop and would be good to know if he recovered.

  21. Fascinating. I was amazed how much stuff they pulled outta there. Beautiful find.

  22. Love this….great vid., makes me miss my Surg. Tech. days

  23. I need a cigarette! That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while,I wish they finished though. Good Vid, right to favs! Thanks justsqueezeit!

  24. why do I keep coming back…….

  25. Stunning! Brava justsqueezit!

  26. beenpoppinsincebeenpoppinsincebeenpoppin says:

    Hope you didn’t need those piano lessons. Dems gone.

  27. Amazing at the end when almost all of the cheeze is scooped out, the brain starts to pulsate with the heart. I wonder what they did with that huge hole???

  28. Still love the site, but haven’t been able to see videos here for quite some time due to invasive ads. I have ad blocker on my MacBook, which doesn’t give me problems anywhere else but here. I come here, sometimes now to read what the YouTube titles are so I can look up the videos there. Miss y’all!

  29. I kept asking “THERES MORE?” “WHEN WILL THIS END?” “God help me I cant stop watching.”
    I wish they showed the whole extraction!

  30. There’s a Hole In My Soul
    That’s been killing me forever
    It’s a place where cyst ever grows
    There’s a Hole In My Soul
    Yeah, I should have known better
    ‘Cause that cyst’s like a thorn without a rose
    Yeah, yeah

  31. It seems like it is never ending! I would give anything to be the one to scoop all that out! Great vid..thanks for the upload

  32. Cottage cheese anyone.

  33. Nice to see that medical science has the equivalent of a melon-baller and a shop-vac for brain surgery purposes.

  34. I’ve watched this video like a hundred times and it still never gets old.

  35. Just wondering if this stuff had a smell to it. Nothing was said. Great video.

  36. CanIPopItPlease says:

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I must comment.

    This was awesome to watch. I was completely fascinated by the entire thing. That was a huge cyst. I wonder how the patient is today?

    Was it done with the patient awake like so many other brain surgeries are done today?

    Utterly amazing video. Thank you for posting.

  37. Mythdefied says:

    This is your brain on scrambled eggs.

  38. Tapioca Thunder says:

    I was eating a sticky rice ball with a duck egg inside while I watched this.

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