Garden Party Elbow Cyst Lancing!

What could be more entertaining at a Garden Party than watching someone have a huge elbow sebaceous cyst lanced open, expelling a huge ribbon of thick pus? Sounds like perfect fun to me!!!!

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YT Commentary:
“Kelburn garden party 2013 , Jamie got drunk and we thought it would be funny to cut his cyst open (poorly) with a pocket knife….he was ok and was dancing later that night.”

RUNTIME: 1min 17sec

TITLE: “Cyst explosion pocket knife in field”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 9, 2013 by Jamies elbow


21 Comments on “Garden Party Elbow Cyst Lancing!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    There was more…………………………….. so much more :(

  2. My exact words Pick_that_Puppy. As soon as the video ended I said Awwww there was so much more. Squeeze it please. Maybe we will see a second video.

  3. Talk about leave them wanting more.
    Also, is it me or did her forearm look strange? It almost looks like there is a shinguard under the skin!

    1. It is vein not a shinguard :) but it looks strange as you described because the angle of light.

    2. If that was a woman, she sure had a pretty beard.

  4. Oh, for the love of Pete! Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it! ;)

    1. pete is really loved,lol

  5. I agree with all the above comments. It would have been so satisfying to us if they had actually squeezed instead of only filming what gravity did to the cyst. I would think that eventually some squeezing was done, but they were very skimpy with the filmed part. Pity.

  6. Man that was a big slice

    1. Come(un)done says:

      I know! My internal soundtrack kept repeating “make a smaller hole, make a smaller hole!” ^_-

      1. Your not kidding. He’s gonna need to get stitched up after that one.

  7. It must be universal with us…………I watch these things and constantly tell them what they should do next and how they should do it . And these folks stopped way too soon!!!
    I thought I had stopped it by accident and started it over. Nope…they stopped.Part II sure would be nice.

  8. What?!?! Ending the video after it rolls out like a ribbon? Like watching a murder mystery ending before the killer is revealed.

  9. Echo all! We are a demanding ilk.

  10. Somebody put a muzzle on that guy making all the noise.

    1. They’re having fun.

  11. Often I think stop now, stop cutting. People get a bit carried away at times and forget they aren’t cutting a joint of meat, it’s someones body, and there going to be left with a big scar.

  12. That was a sharp knife.

  13. OMG! As I saw the clock running down, I kept thinking…HURRY UP! What a waste!

  14. Was someone chanting ‘eat it, eat it, eat it?”

  15. 3CC, great short. I just know there must be a full-length episode someplace!!

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