A Good Back Pimple!

Looks like a giant comedone but loads more fun! Don’t you just hate q -tips!

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RUNTIME: 8min 04sec

TITLE: “A good back pimple”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 1, 2013 by wyatt parks

75 Comments on “A Good Back Pimple!

  1. justsqueezit says:

    People, you know this is going to hurt. Buy some over-the-counter lanacaine, prep it first, then squeezeit! Pussy footing around, rather then getting it over with just increases the anxiety and the muscle tension and it’s gonna hurt worse….
    But still a nice lil project that Dad grew for us folks!

    1. justsqueezit says:

      Why did I get ZIT when I put in pussy-footing?

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Sounds like you got hit by the censor-bot. Certain “BAD” words are automaticly replaced by the word “ZIT” These words are…..
        I hope this helps.

      2. @Pick_That_Puppy :

        Couldn’t have explained better myself. Thanks, my friend!!!

        ~ H.S.

    2. IinCYSTonPoppingBoils says:

      Loose the needle and Q-tip.
      I almost had an anxiety attack watching this.
      SQUEEZE IT !!

      1. Coma-Dome-Diva17 says:

        LOL! Your “anxiety attack” comment made me hysterical! (I can sooooooooo relate!)

      2. Your not the only one; Let me at it!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. That’s the same way I look at it justsqueezit; pop the sucker and stop taking so much time.

  2. That’s a beauty!! Decent camera work and a great payload. A Q-tip wouldn’t be my tool of choice but it worked well for him. Very nice Meechl. One for that Faves File. :)

  3. I somehow feel cheated. We’re presented with a big, juicy blackhead. She gets her fingers into position, starts to squeeze, getting results, then she moves her fingers! Keep ‘em in one spot when it’s working! I wish she’d have listened to the guy that asked her about using a tweezers, or just plain pulling it with her fingers. She was not finished, by any means, when the video ended.

    1. Taffitabing says:

      I agree, I disappointed they did not finish it and get some tweezers!

    2. kathleen firth says:

      I would give this a zero if I could! I cannot abide by such ineptitude! SO Frustrating.

    3. heavymetalhippie says:

      I’m new here and this is my first ever comment. That was disappointing. I kept yelling at her, telling her how to do it! She needed tweezers when she got that big core. There was still lots more left int here.

  4. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    So much potential in this bad boy! Oh well — thanks to the person who uploaded. Any zit vids are better than NO zit vids. This one was just heartbreaking cause it could’ve been so much more awesome.

  5. Evolution gave us opposable thumbs so that we can place them on each sides of a beauty like this and squeeze the heck out of it.

    Still, interesting use of a Q-tips. I guess we have to use them for something since apparently, we cannot clean our ears with them…

    1. wobblerlorri says:

      We can’t? How else are we going to impact the ear wax and get great ear wax videos?

    2. Rose, I like your term “opposable thumbs”; I sure wish “someone”, or “ANYONE”, would have thought to use their set when “trying” to squeeze the pus out on this video!!! I’ve got ONE word to sum this video, and it’s NOT your fault, Meecl,: FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    Great find! The only drawback is, no happy ending! Oh well, I’m fine with what we did get! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Are you a glass 1/2 full kinda woman?? I am a glass 1/2 empty type of woman! So I FEEL DISSATISFIED!!! LOL

      J/k…I already commented earlier, just felt the need to address your Positive Mental Attitude, without getting attacked by the Censor-bot.

      Smooches!! Oh Good find Meechl

  7. Sorry to say this but what a bunch of amateurs. Here they have a great big pimple [blackhead, zit whatever] that has potential for sure and all they do is fool around; pointless poking with a needle and Q-tip and pushing down all the time instead of getting under it. Although we did see some pus this had little result yet they continue with the same lousy technique. Come on people, give this bad boy a slice, SQUEEZE HARD and let it explode. This could have been finished in about 10% of the time shown here.

  8. Standing still with the camera right?

  9. …and all the while the zit is thinking, “I coulda been a contender!”

    1. Now, THAT was a good one, spitzer!!!!

  10. That thing was just begging for a good four finger squeeze, it was trying to come out on it’s own towards the end. That baby would have exploded in the hands of a skilled popologist, little bit of pain, large messy explosion,
    a little kick from the recoil and it would have been over, but instead it was slow and painful

    1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      I lost it when you said “kick from the recoil” lolololol

      That beaut woulda been all hooah by the time you were done with it.

  11. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    For the love of all that is pus-filled, just squeeze it!

  12. Blackhead Gone Wild!! Terrible extraction technique!! A Q-tip, seriously? Or perhaps the popper thought they could poke it to death. Kind of a waste of such a glorious blackhead….

  13. it was still very angry..

  14. They likely made that sucker worse… It reminded me a someone trying to slay a dragon with a knitting needle…


    1. justsqueezit says:

      What a great analogy!

    2. diamondgirl says:

      Very good analogy! If they would let it rest for about an hour, put a hot towel on it for about an hour, soak in some alcohol for about an hour, in about 1 hour they would have the explosion they were seeking. But if they keep sucking snot up, they just might get a little extra in there…better be careful!!

    3. I’ve just GOT to add a “thumbs up” (they also would have worked better! LOL) to mrtasteless’ reply

  15. I have pushed out a baby and the placenta quicker than that was done. :-)

  16. I hate it when somebody justs pussy foots around with an infected zit. That thing was begging to be lanced or cut open with a sharp. She caused undue pain by trying to force it through a small hole.

  17. Now that was a tease and then some,,,that blackhead would have been putty in my hands,,fingers lol..Seriously get some tweezers, concentrate on removing that hard black head 1st ,possibly enlarge the opening and for the love of zits ,blackheads and comedones and all that is squeeze worthy and put away those q-tips! LOL..great vid just the same, thank you kindly ☺

  18. I’m assuming there’s going to be a sequal. 95% of it was left inside the skin.

  19. Grrrrr!!! My stomach was literally in knots by the end of the video! I kept screaming ‘Just squeeze it!’ at the screen and she obviously didn’t listen! i realize she wasn’t wanting to hurt the gentleman but one strong squeeze and a huge POP would’ve felt much MUCH better than all of the mini squeezes she used. And it still was FAR from finished… Heck, the black part of the blackhead was still in there. Thanks for sharing but there was soooo much more potential!!!!

  20. diamondgirl says:

    Very frustrating, but I am going to say this, since it did spew or pop, it very well could be that the hard thick stuff everyone wants to see isn’t there. I have seen a blackhead just like this and the dark stuff was actually dirt that could be scraped out. I will say that there was a lot more pus in there and they probably got it all out after the tape stopped. Was a very good find Meechl. Also, these yuppies haven’t been exposed to the rough and tumble life of a professional ZIP POPPER!! It is like one of the Duck Dynasty brothers who shaves his beard? LOL does that make sense!!!

  21. Blow your damn nose please!

    1. diamondgirl says:

      What is up with that? All of them are sniffin’ up a storm…hmmm….LOL

      1. MsWatcher says:

        Most likely the stench from the pus infection had their noses running like crazy!

  22. we should have an emergency hotline to talk people through the process. and sell zit kits through the mail, containing: numbing agent, alcohol, matches, iodine, gauze pads, scalpel, tweezers with narrow edge, not those blunt suckers, and hemostats. also could include some butterfly bandages, and band-aids. oh, and ball-gags :D

  23. Hey Miss. Snuffy Snot, drop the q tip and get on to it…TWEEZERS!!

  24. We have to keep in mind that not everyone is prepared for the zitpocalypse as we are. We’re hoping for something for something like this – these people are not finding the joy in it. This is the conversation I imagined took place before the squeeze:
    1:What’s that lump on your back?
    2:I don’t know, it’s been there for at least ten years.
    (enter teenager)
    Teenager: that’s a blackhead, I saw one even bigger on YT – 25 years old, they picked it out with an embroidery needle.
    1: Ew.
    Teen: Yeah, and another lady had one in her armpit and they pushed it out with a Q-Tip

    Clearly, the popper blended both techniques and handed us a slight disappointment, but view it through inexperienced eyes. :)

  25. That was one big black head. Wonder how old it was?

  26. Get those dam Q tips out of there, slice that baby open and push the whole thing out with one big squeeze. Judging by the consistiscy of the zit it has been there a long time. Enough to form a nice black center. What a wasted opportunity.

  27. I usually don’t post but this video made me crazy! Great zit, all the potential in the world and then what, a needle? Aaargh! When there was that little “tail” hanging out I kept yelling “pull it out!” at the screen. I was on the edge of my seat then…..waited and waited. Thank so much for sharing your video but now I feel like I have to go pop something just to satisfy myself. ;)

    1. Me too!! My toes are still curled up! If the popper would have taken more time in each squeezing session, it would’ve gone so much faster. I wonder if my neighbors could hear me yelling????

    2. Puss in Boots says:

      I thought the needle looked like a good time for the popper, picker.

  28. Urgh the slowness, the picking around with the needle instead of giving it a damned good squish and all that sniffing as well as ‘Sorry Jim’ over and over, made me want to whack that stupid woman!

  29. I sincerely hope there is a Part 2 in the not-so-distant future… but maybe a different popper next time… one who gets ALL the gunk out… I did actually enjoy what I saw, I like the fact that it wasn’t over and done with in 10 seconds flat, sometimes it’s nice to see a zit emptied more slowly…

  30. I am not suggesting I could do a better job of filming…but I was getting seasick from the zoom in zoom out zoom all about technique. I imagine she could have stretched it out for an hour without completing it. Perhaps he was just in too much pain. How can that much stuff be there for so long without bothering him?

  31. Scott Helesic says:

    I really hope for a Part 2 also. The mining technique needs improvement bigtime. The son made the smartest situational assessment of all: “We need tweezers”. The key with these kind of pore blockages is to remove that blackhead, or pus plug or whatever the hell caused the problem before attempting to drain it. I know, I know- easier said than done. Try that in Part2- please!

  32. acetonedeaf says:

    i bet he was wishing she’d just give that thing like ONE good four-finger squeeze and get it the hell over with. also.. kinda left me feeling unsatisfied, as it appears that it was indeed a giant comedone that over time just had dead skin cells and whatnot build up behind it. at least from the video, that did NOT appear to be pus. not to my eyes, at least.. pus is very distinctively either yellow or yellow green.. that just looked like the build-up you’d get from a whitehead, say.

    good video.. just wish she would have actually gotten the comedone out too. :/ just saying, at the end it looked like that part was still there!

    1. I completely agree with you!

  33. I’m too late, it’s been removed. Pooey.

  34. I enjoyed this video, but could have finished if off quicker and without a q tip. Too much messing around. Needed more squeezing from the side and less pushing downward. That looked like it still had a head in it. Also,more good pickings all around that one. Yummy!

  35. Grrrrrrr. So un satisfying.

  36. This girl that’s popping the Sebaceous Cyst (which is what it is not a freaking boil stupid people) should really stop and blow her freaking nose. Sounds like she has puss coming out of her nose and it also sounds like she ahs a drooling problem from the way she is sucking the saliva from her mouth. Damn I HATE it when people use q-tips to try to pop a cyst. What the hell is wrong with people who want to pop a cyst or zit but are too dame afraid to pop the damn thing. ARGHHHHH videos like this get me so pissed off. The worst part is after all that waiting she didn’t even get the black head or the sac


  38. This is this most frustrating video to watch. I just wanted to rip that pin out of the persons hand

  39. Taffitabing says:

    That woman drove me around the bend pussy footing around with her Q-tip and snuffing snot, too bad she did not have a clue what she was doing, would have been a great find.

  40. Skindipper says:

    Before now, I have never bothered to register with any site even when I was overwhelmingly compelled to comment on a subject. Perhaps it’s the absolute “bizarreness” of the topic along with (what I would’ve described up till now) my freaky fascination for it? However, I’m quite surprised to find that so many other people, whatever their personal reasons, are similarly drawn to the subject. Anyway, regarding the video, I certainly appreciate that these people were good enough to post it. Moreover, I’ve been laughing so much at yall’s comments because they express everything I felt while watching the video. Someone actually came to see if I was ok b/c I was yelling at her/the computer too!! ‘C’MON, DON’T STOP, R U KIDDING ME!? WHAT THE “F” ARE U DOING…C’MON, GET UP UNDER IT- UR PUSHING IT BACK DOWN…blah, blah, blah. Anyway, thank you all so much!

  41. justsqueezethefrigginthing says:

    I hate that picker so much.

  42. The entire video I was like OMG JUST EFFING SQUEEEEEEEEZE IT!!!!!! It made me physically frustrated, I could’ve made that a 2 minute vid with all the wonderous things us pimple poppers LOVE :) i.e. blood and the delicious puss that comes with it

  43. Mr. McPimple says:

    How do you people expect a woman who couldn’t complete a sentence do justice to a beautiful pimple like this? Come on now! lol!

  44. It’s so frustrating to watch a vid where it’s obvious that the poppers don’t know what they’re doing.

  45. Joachim Nyseth says:

    There were tons left in there…those people were way too careful…

  46. There needs to be a frustration warning for videos like this… like OMG… JUST POP IT ALREADY! MAKE A BIGGER HOLE!!! ahhhh!!!!

  47. This would have been a beauty but I agree with jem and most of the rest of you. So pop it already!!! I was digging my fingers into the screen trying to pop it myself. And here’s a new concept — why don’t people learn how to focus their cameras BEFORE they make vids like this? The close-ups were so blurry I thought I was going blind!

  48. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

    Don’t you just love it when you hear these people talking as if they know exactly what is going on…and they’ve most likely NEVER done this before??? Yeah…..those people drive me NUTS!

    Dr. Len

  49. prunesquallor says:

    Hello folks. I’ve been away from PTZ for at least a year, and I see the same comments of disappointment as before only from a newer crop of popologists. The frustration with using a pin on such a glorious sac of ochre like the one shown. And the angst that the always hated q tip brings to every video where it rears its ugly head. All this had me making a low guttural “ggrrr” sound from the first cautious ” sorry Dave, I’m soooo sorry. Am I hurting you?”, till the unfulfilling end.
    These folk are obvious amateurs and deserve a little leeway with their first tentative attempt at making the ultimate pop doc. We all start somewhere. And this was how I eventually came to accept this offering for what it is. an honest attempt to bring happiness to us all. Thank you people for having the courage to post your work. Don’t quit in frustration. If you read between the lines of most of the comments, you will find PTZ members have good hearts, and mean well. This is serious business to most of us, and it can be hard to see a zit with such obvious potential not being given the respect it so richly deserves. It looks like “Dave” has a few black headed zits in his future. With practice, and proper tutelage these should eventually make you PTZ experts. Practice makes perfect. Pop on people.

  50. invisableman says:

    Not bad but the video ended too soon.

  51. Why always just these two pictures on the front page?

  52. bobbielea61 says:

    Bless her sweet lil heart – guess she just didn’t have it in her to squeeze the shit out of it and get it over with…….

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