Pulling the Plugs

Dear Grandpa ~

This is what happens sometimes when you fall asleep. Thanks for such good fun – please feel free to nap on the couch anytime!!!

– Your Family

:) Enjoy!!!

YT Commentary:
“While granda is asleep”

RUNTIME: 3min 55sec

TITLE: “Whiteheads removal”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 6, 2013 by juan miguel

15 Comments on “Pulling the Plugs

  1. Unless he was passed out drunk there was no way he was asleep!!! Pretty kewl little white heads

  2. I think they would have had more success if they had used the back side of a butter knife and scraped it along grand pa’s nose!!!
    Excellent find Bacne-up!!!

  3. Ack… I was waiting for them to get to the blackhead!

    1. DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      1. Seeing the thumbnail for this post, i thought; Yes, the big blackhead is going to lose his head.
        Damn, was i surprised. Every time the pincers came close to the blackhead, but then suddenly moved to a other place.
        Just like football or soccer. They reach the goal, but before the score the ball is kicked back on the field. The excitement comes and goes.

        A real teaser, this video!

    2. wobblerlorri says:

      I think that was a freckle or a mole, not a blackhead.

  4. What a teaser, Bacne-Up!! Now go back and finish that nose!!

  5. I much prefer the good ol’ fingernail or comedone extractor method!

  6. Awesome and disappointing…I was gritting my teeth for the popper to just squeeze that nose.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    How could Grandpa sleep with his cock making all of that noise?

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I didn’t put in the word “Zit” …. the system didn’t like my use of the actual politically acceptable word for an adult male bird……
      (Use your imagination citizens…)

  8. Get Dr. Y and his comedonein the area. Please try Biore at least once?

  9. Tell the rooster in the back ground to shut up or he will become dinner. what is with that big black head?

  10. I love that rooster <3 LOL

  11. wobblerlorri says:

    I can’t believe Gramps was asleep for that, and with the orchestral stylings of every dang rooster in a 5 mile radius providing the sound track no less! But there he was, just snoring away.

    He had a couple of truly choice BIG whiteheads on his nostril there that would have been fantastic to get, but they didn’t…

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