Huge Back Cyst – Pus A Li Cious!

I couldn’t believe how big and juicy this cyst was! It’s not my video but its a great find, so enjoy.

Surgical Procedure
Cyst Removal
May Contain Blood and / or
Other Disturbing Content
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

(My bad if this a repeat – but I sure wouldn’t call it a repeat offender, since it is good enough to watch several times over! Thanks Meechl! ~ H.S.)

YT Commentary:
“Watch the doctor remove a boil from the upper back of this man. Procedure performed October 24, 2012. This was shot with a cell phone and not with a video camera as a production would have been.”

RUNTIME: 11min 43sec

TITLE: “Pus A Li Cious”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 19, 2013 by avprotv

17 Comments on “Huge Back Cyst – Pus A Li Cious!

  1. Good find, Meechl!
    Too bad the camera was not better and a little bit closer.
    Like the way in which the fingers are placed below the whole cyst. It is a textbook example for many poppers who doing it only with nails.
    The scene where a mrs. doctor shows cyst sac to the camera is gorgeous.

  2. Now, THAT was a cyst. Thank you, Meechl.

  3. Meechl, terrific slow-starter! Boy did it ever get good the longer I watched. And the sac looked like an outtake from Alien. Yummy!

  4. very slow at first… the hands got in the way.. but got good after a while.. thanks…

  5. The doctor tried to explain why people get cysts in the upper middle of their back. I had one like this. I believe it is because of tags on the inside of clothing. The tag jabs at the back constantly and creates the irritation! Mine was huge and a friend drained it over several attempts. Long before I knew about this site.

    This one was splendid! I worried it would not turn out well when the video started out. The camera was far away. In the end, I was not disappointed. Was like squeezing a tube of toothpaste! : )

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Did any of you notice the guy had an empty holster?
    So, he was packing in more ways than one.

  7. 3cysterscafe says:

    Awesomeness through and through Meech!! Thank you for sharing such a great find! Now that is exactly how I like’em! Sack and all, lots of thick chunky, white cottage cheese like pus or sebum! Perfect example of a true stinky cyst! I like when it’s so small that you can’t believe so much crud can come out of such a small sac!!

  8. I agree with gn914, but I’m gonna put it on my favs list!!!
    Classic find meechl!!!

  9. Four finger squeeze always getsit out!!!

  10. Lovely cyst full of goo! Could the good doctor have used any more gauze? Between her hands, the massive quantity of gauze, & camera placement, it was a little hard to see, however, still quite a lovely pus packer!

  11. justsqueezit says:

    Who is this hack? Blocks shots, immediately contaminates the scalpel, and calls it “dried sweat”? And what was the back and forth with the cyst wall? Trying to fung schway it out?
    Kudos to the camera person for catching what she could…

  12. Come(un)done says:

    That little bonus splurt of goo, after it looked like there was just the sack left, really made my day ^_^

  13. Good payload. I like the comment about the contents being dried sweat.

  14. That was magnificent! Beautiful example of how to remove a cyst. 5 stars and into the faves.

  15. Great technique! The twisting action brought the sac right out… Well done!

  16. Quasimodo was aborted, and the doc ripped the placenta out as well.

  17. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Absolutely gorgeous cyst, well dealt with capsule obliteration…however, DRIED SWEAT? Comical. Then tweezers? Has she not heard of hemostats? But all’s well that ends well, eh?

    Aye chihuahua

    Deb p

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