Giant Pimple, Cyst, or Abscess from Ingrown Hair?

It’s unbelievable that someone can have one of these on their face, neck, or whatever… and just put a band aid on it! How can someone not keep working on it?!? We may never know… But it made for one h-u-g-e pus plug pluck!!

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(H.S. sez: A YouTube regular, but now debuting on PTZ… filling in some gaps, ain’t we? hehe. Thanks, pusbuster!!)

YT Commentary:
“Popping the cyst on my neck. Really nasty.
Never knew an ingrown hair could produce this much pus

RUNTIME: 2min 41sec

TITLE: “Sebaceous Cyst Treatment | Pulsing Ingrown Hair Removal”
YT INFO: Published on May 14, 2013 by m2dME (Matt Davis)

26 Comments on “Giant Pimple, Cyst, or Abscess from Ingrown Hair?

  1. Use both hands, four fingers, and squeeze the sh*t outta that. At the end, there was still a sizeable pus mass in the whole, very likely to turn into a nasty abcess.

    Or maybe, use a vacuum pump to suction out all the crap.

  2. should be a part 2 ….

  3. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    She’s a beauty! Cigars for everyone!!

  4. Does anybody else feels the way that I do? I mean the latest video before this one, we saw a man contorts himself with no one else help successfully pop a boil on his back. And here we see a man with a gift, right there in his face, easy access, and all he had to do is squeeze. C’mon now am I’m being to critical? I know some of you guys feel what I’m saying!

    1. Nope, screamed at computer – suck it up and squeeze the damn thing already!” Then I’m the type that would have held him down and popped it.

  5. Come(un)done says:

    Aaaaargh! Just squeeze it! Squeeeeeeeeze it!!!

  6. OMG…what a sissy! Just SQUEEZE the d*** thing!! Not complaining about getting to see this, though..great post!

  7. These kinds of comments are what separate us from the masses.

  8. Some cysts are so exciting, but their host is so dull.

    This guy could have totally been a party popper. Instead, he ended up being a party pooper.

    Somebody learn him to squeeeeeeeeeeeze!

  9. I understand everyone’s frustration and I feel it too but I think we have to remember that we popologists are a special group. It’s not everyone who’s comfortable with massive amount of puss or who can stand the pain of popping such a monster. And this thing did look like it hurt. Not to say that most people would be freaked out by seeing a hole this size on their neck! This young man gave his gift the best he could and he was kind enough to share the experience with us. Let’s appreciate that… and let’s pity him for the misery he will be in once the thing turns into a full blown abscess; not that I wish him ill or anything but we do know all about this stuff and how things go.

    1. Rosy I agree, but with that said. If anybody knows about this group & what we expect & want, especially from a monster such as that was. Then they should know better than to send us something that was less than up to par. We are like a spoil bunch of bratty ass kids that wants what we want. And we will kick up some sand if you hold back with the goods….and he had the goods.

  10. Thanks for the great post, pusbuster! He was just building us up for the grand finale uncorking.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Uncorking …………… Yup LOL

  11. OMG what a wuss. He babied that thing so much I wanted to smack him and tell him to man up! The old 2 finger squeeze at the end would have produced such amazing results we all would have cried in jubilation.

  12. That puppy must have been in there a long time. It had solidified to a solid mass. He would done himself a favor by making an incision or the very least pricking it with a needle. There was still alot of goo left inside of the wound. It is amazing how the body will eventually exspell any foreign object inside it.

    1. A little exploration with some tweezers would have found something interesting, I’m sure.

  13. Well, that was frustrating.

  14. hmmmm. what could have been.

  15. Had he been a man about it in the first place instead of a little Nancy Girl, it would never have gotten to that point. I’m guessing it went at least a weak or two longer than it should have. Come on man grow a pair.

  16. I wouldnt have been able to leave it alone.

  17. If you’ve got guts enough to put yourself on video popping a zit, at least have the temerity to not portray yourself as a complete wuss.

  18. I hope he went to the doctor because the swelling was heading up his gland!

  19. beenpoppinsincebeenpoppinsincebeenpoppin says:

    Dont use a tweezers-get in there with your fingers and rip it out!Di I have to do everything >.< Also-it looks like a tiny necrotic spider bite

  20. are you kidding me? he said “maybe it’s not ready yet” REALLY how the hell did he let it even get to this. who does that? who walks around with that “Thing” on their neck? OMG WHAT I can’t believe he put a dam n band aid on it and just let it fester there. Now what days later he feels it becoming hard and maybe calcified and decides he’s going to do what? cause all he did was pull the damn infected plug off of it. Then to top it all off, what’s he going to do? not flush it or try to get some antibiotic cream. No, not our bright guy. He wants to stuff gauze in it. But I guess if it weren’t for peoples crazy ideas we wouldn’t have a lot of videos on a lot of sites.

  21. That looks like an insect bite to me!

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