Fun with Ben’s Back.

I think the poppers said it best… ENJOY!

“Once upon a time, three girls had a dream. A dream of their own blackhead extraction extravaganza to share with other enthusiasts. This dream was realized on July 4th, 2013.”

And now, it gets shared with everyone at PTZ. Ah, this is why we watch, eh? Oh, and of course, what we all want for ourselves, LOL! Thanks, curious!!!!

RUNTIME: 3min 48sec

TITLE: “Blackhead/cyst…fun with Ben’s back”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 5, 2013 by LandB H


14 Comments on “Fun with Ben’s Back.

  1. Ben has such nice friends!! Thanks for the post, curious!

  2. justsqueezit says:

    Jealous – they are having so much fun…

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Lucky Ben………

  4. Dr. V’s stomping grounds!

  5. This was more like a downblouse video”

  6. They must be PTZ lurkers. How else would they know about ‘make a bigger hole’?

  7. Must be nice to have 3 ladies to get rid of a blackhead for you!!!
    You Da Man Ben!!!
    Excellent find curious!!!

  8. It appears to have been the best party of the year. Everyone was having such a good time – even the dog was right into the action. Aviva seems to have been the top popper but the two gals gaver the hapless poppee a great explanation about the contents of his cyst. I loved it when he asked if there was anything of value in there. I wonder how many of his personal possessions are missing. All in all, a great video.

  9. Some pus and a cleevage, what more can you ask for.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I didn’t know what to look at at times. Brain Overload!!!!

  10. She said: “look at this shit”.
    Uuhhh, maybe i’m wrong, but that stuff comes from a different king of hole.
    And the words; “we won’t place it online”?
    Thank you for still placing it on the web! Now can we enjoy a cyst getting popped.

  11. ok post.. too bad the camera would not hold still…

  12. Didn’t even notice the down the blouse shots until I read the comments . I was to busy staring at the cyst.A good four finger squeeze at the base of the cyst would have shot out everything

  13. is it just me or is this like a 2mega pixel camera. cant see jack!

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