Earlobe Explosion

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BTE goes wild when a roommate’s recurring cyst needs another round of pus drainage. Oh darn for us, right? Good work trying to get the best angle hen a potential hand block situation occurs!

:) :) :)

“Roommate’s reoccurring cyst needed to be drained.”

RUNTIME: 2min 43sec

TITLE: “Earlobe cyst pop!”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 12,2012 by robothouse2008


12 Comments on “Earlobe Explosion

  1. Awesome payload. He must have the patience of Job to let that monster cook that long. Bravo on stepping up and taking care of business.

  2. justsqueezit says:

    Two such obliging young men; made sure we had the best camera angles possible. PTZ awards for best new upcoming director and camera man!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    He shouldn’t walk lopsided now…………

  4. 3cysterscafe says:

    I think I saw him at Starbucks dispensing cream for his elite clientele!

  5. Great video, great payload and great camera work. However, what wasn’t so great was the cleanliness of the “operative puscatcher”. I don’t know if the bathroom belongs to just two roomates (the popper and cameraman), but the sink was filthy before they even started. It looks like they both shave daily and never rinse out the sink. It gave me the willies.

    1. No different than pretty much any college guy’s bathroom…

  6. We may not have seen the money shot, but we heard it!!!
    Excellent find justsqueezit!!!

  7. Great payload, they were worried about the camera angle which means they were really thinking of the audience. That’s a big plus.
    But that big bump should have been sliced instead of a tiny puncture.

  8. Funny, that sink…..
    I’ve seen it before, but where?
    In a other video, yes.
    But the name of that video, i don’t remember it.

    Anyone here?

    1. LOL – I know what you mean. I think after watching so many thousands of videos, it is a given that certain things will start looking the same (and probably are! he he)

      ~ H.S.

  9. Nice video but it is very distracting to me when the facilities are not clean.

  10. not to mention the lump collapsed into what looked like a ladies hoo-hoo behind his ear… should raise some eyebrows down at the club afterwards!

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