Drilling For Oil

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I only watched a minute of this and I knew it had to come over to our place. :)

YT Commentary:
“Cyst Guy and Camera Girl pop a deep and very oily sebaceous cyst.”

RUNTIME: 9min 23sec

TITLE: “Drilling for oil!”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 20, 2013 by Sebum & Carbuncle

13 Comments on “Drilling For Oil

  1. She said “eat that, Dr. Vikram!”
    No way! He’s the most important uploader of popping zits and cyst here.
    He does way better jobs then they did. And Russ Hamstring! He is the king of the zits!

    But a nice load from this guy. And he has a lot more to pop, so record it and post it on youtube. We will be the judge about the pop.

    1. BTW; the oil is good enough for making a car run smoothly.

  2. He has has been popping away with all of the little slices. That is the first time canola oil has run out of the stab wound.

  3. justsqueezit says:

    Interesting contents… And such a calm, zen-like experience…

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    He has “Dunlop’s disease ………………..

  5. Was he drilling for oil? It didn’t look like a sac. Otherwise, bring on the rest of his chest!

  6. Different but nice payload!!! But this guy is asking for a massive infection!!!
    Excellent find curious!!!

  7. Its nice to see a young couple having such nice, clean fun while on a date. Their parents need not worry that they are getting into some kind of mischief that they might be sorry for later. The cystguy seemed to know exactly what he was doing and it was done quite well. They also provided a gread advertisement for Tweezerman tweezers (which really are the best).

  8. Weird looking pus. Judging by what he tells and by the look of his skin he probably gets these things on a regular basis.

  9. Anytime you drill for oil the PTZ way, “There Will Be Blood.” LOL

  10. i wonder if this is steatocystoma multiplex (sp?). or a lipoma. would oil run out of a cut lipoma like that?

    1. I was thinking about the steatocystoma multiplex diagnosis too!!! The clustering and the contents are similar to those in the tetola videos, if a lot more copious! :) Great observation digger.

      ~ H.S.

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