DIY Arm Cyst Removal

The pus copmes out pretty easy, but the cvyst wall takes a lot more careful effort. Good job done, thu9gh and gotta love the pretty pink gloves! And does anyone know- are those “dermal anchors” she has above the glove lines on her forearms? Didn’t realize they were becoming so popular.

Anyways – enjoy! Great find, pusbuster! Vivat!

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YT Commentary:
“Removal of my Aunt’s sebaceous cyst.”

RUNTIME: 18min 14sec

TITLE: “Sebaceous Cyst Extraction”
YT INFO: Published on May 25, 2013 by Scarlett Paulus

21 Comments on “DIY Arm Cyst Removal

  1. The popper wanted to let the sack in the arm, so she could pop it again!
    That’s what i liked the most of this video.

  2. sure looked liked a dermal anchor. great vid, I really enjoyed it…thanks PusBuster!

  3. Hats off for a good job dispatching this critter. It sure delivered the goods. :)

  4. Great vid. The patient must have premedicated herself with either drugs or alcohol as she sounded as if she were three sheets to the wind. It seemed that she didn’t care how large or deep the incision was as she kept urging her “doctor” on. The doc was terrific, careful and extremely patient. I really enjoyed this. Thanks Pusbuster.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Must have been after a nice family dinner with plenty of wine so good ol’ Aunt Mary wouldn’t feel a thing. The kids were nice and respectful to her.

  5. Come(un)done says:

    Left quite a big hole. Hope the “doc” came prepared with butterfly bandages or something else to hold it closed (since I doubt stitches were in the cards).

    1. Yep – she dug that cyst out I thought I would be able to see the arm bone soon. What a lovely removal!

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    You may want to finish the job with a Sears Craftsman Deluxe Soldering Iron Kit …………………..

    1. LMFAOROLF!!!!

      1. yankeedoodlepus says:

        what they said^^^^^^^^^

      2. witchey woman says:

        DITTO!! ;P

  7. That was a great game of “let’s get Aunt Mary drunk and cut out her cyst”!!! So when does the next period of this game begin??? LOL!!!
    Excellent find Pusbuster!!!

    1. Don’t know but I’d like to play a round. LOL!!!

    2. It starts up the next morning when poor Aunt Mary’s head AND arm are hurtin’ real bad. She probably won’t remember the surgery and wonder what the heck happened to her.

    3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Thank God she didn’t have a cataract ……….

  8. pusbuster, it almost doesn’t seem fair for the initial gunk to come out quickly, then have the sludge fight back like that. Still, I had no doubt it would be worked on expertly until completed, even if they had to stop for a snack. I know I needed one when I got half-way through….

  9. Pretty good video, PusBuster!

    A little too much talking for my taste, but thankfully there are several volume controls on the computer.
    And yes, as some already noticed, aunt certainly took a lot of “I don’t care” type of medication, probably mixed with “adequate amount” of alcoholic drinks, but nothing excessively. ;)

  10. Interesting scars on the forearm of the popper. I hope she’s ok now.

  11. I enjoyed this video…very funny. Nice payload too and a very good effort at the sack. I wasn’t going to say anything about “Aunt Mary’s condition” but I thought about it throughout the vid. If anyone knows from all my previous postings I watch the video before reading but once I noticed that I wasn’t the only one thinking she might have had a little nip before surgery I felt better about thinking that LOL. I did notice the little stud on the surgeon’s wrist too. I have never seen that before or heard of a “dermal anchor” before. New one for me. I will be watching for them from now on. I guess wherever there is a place to pierce, someone will put a gem stud in it. Anyway great video, thanks for posting.

  12. wicked_wizard33 says:

    She sounds drunk…lol

  13. What are dermal anchors?

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