Buck’s Zit… Cyst… Eradicated!

Bunch of good ole boys, hanging around and popping cysts. Nice little cyst with plenty of goo for all, and it even looks like they got the whole thing!! Nice camera work.

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YT Commentary:
“Thanks Ben and Johnny”

RUNTIME: 1min 30sec

TITLE: “Bucks Zit/Cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 2, 2013 by David Farish

4 Comments on “Buck’s Zit… Cyst… Eradicated!

  1. Squeezer, it was over too fast!!!

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Proof positive that a zit doesn’t need to be massive to be entertaining.

    Thanks @SQUEEZER

  3. I guess their gonna dump some of that Tony Cachere’s in the cyst pocket to help clean out the hole!!!
    Excellent find squeezer!!!

  4. I liked this one. The chorus of ‘EWS’ at the end was a great finish.

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