This makes vacuuming look like way more fun than the kind I do around the house!

*** WARNING ***
ENT / Dental Surgical Procedure!
~ Vallecular Cyst Removal ~
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
*** WARNING ***

RUNTIME: 2min 12sec

TITLE: “vallecular cyst excision using microdebrider”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 20, 2013 by rajeev kapila

11 Comments on “Sluuuuuurp!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    They must not have fed that silver thingy in quite a while.
    It seemed hungry………………… very very hungry.

  2. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

    Wow. That was cool. But I can’t orientate myself at all – is this on the tonsil or in the nose?

    1. it appears to be at the back of the mouth, next to the uvula. I can’t imagine having something this big…seems like I would do nothing but gag! LOL
      quite interesting and enjoyable, blackheadmonger.

  3. Watching this really gives meaning to “spit and rinse.”

  4. blackheadmonger, I completely approve of this method…most enjoyable!

  5. Come(un)done says:

    Even with the suction, it looked like cheese was getting all over the place…hope it didn’t taste as yucky as it looked…

  6. comedoness says:

    This was one super fun video, with lovely cheese.

  7. Proof of an excellent cyst – twirls cheeze at the slightest touch then when squeezed the pus like cheeze sploshes out at the twirling suction with teeth.

  8. I’m glad to see a fresh use for Good O’l Diego the Microdebrider!!!
    Excellent find Blackheadmonger!!!

  9. Loved this! Nice to see something different!

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