Poor “Buddy” Has LOTS of Mangoworms *Graphic*

~ Myiasis is a Parasitic Infestation of Fly Larva ~
This Video Contains The Extraction of Mangoworms
From A Gambian Dog! Many, many, Mangoworms!
Sensitive Viewers, Please Take Heed
Strongest Discretion Is Advised!

I just came across this on YT. This poor dog has tons of mangoworms.

YT Commentary:
“Rainy season, holiday season in The Gambia… owners travel and leave their dogs with the “staff”.”

RUNTIME: 3min 52sec

TITLE: “Buddy – Mangoworms – The new “Lucky””
YT INFO: Published on Aug 26, 2013 by Cordylobia Anthropophaga

14 Comments on “Poor “Buddy” Has LOTS of Mangoworms *Graphic*

  1. Okay Doc, Buddy looks like shit (he said it in the video, not me), but i think he felt more like shit. Mangoworms, the name sounds like a fruit, but these are nasty parasites. They eat a animal alive. Thank God they were on time for this dog.

    BTW: after seeing the video i had a picture in my mind. A picture of a Dutch cheese. And why? All those holes in the belly of the dog looked like the holes of a nice cheese.

  2. Peta, such a sweet dog and such a horrible infestation. Hopefully, the owners will take better care next time.

  3. This is the second video I have seen by this Dr. I love his sheer honesty. First vid I saw he asked the owners why they didnt treat the dog. The owners said some excuse. The doctor said, “Thats a BS answer” and in this one he says the dog looked like shit lol.

    1. I love this Vet! He reminds me so much of the Vet I used to work with, full of piss and Vinegar lol…I noticed a lot of the viewers comments said that they heard him say that the dog looked like ‘ZIT’, But heard him clearly say -, “He looks like “Sh**t lol..I’m half German and my Grandma when she gets really angry she sounds exactly like that when she says , Das is s****! lmao and she is in her 90’s !

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Ok it’s time for those of us that can to send $5 or $10 to the clinic to help all of the “Buddys in the world …….. one pup at a time.

    If you go to their web site (paste the following into your browser) If you go to their web site (paste the following into your browser) http://www.vetclinicgambia.com/ you can click on the PayPal “Donate” button and send them a few bucks. Be sure to “add a message” that you seen them on Pop That Zit. / you can click on the PayPal “Donate” button and send them a few bucks. Be sure to “add a message” that you seen them on Pop That Zit.
    Mrs PTP just sent them a few$$ …..She doesn’t know it yet though:)

  5. Oh that poor puppy!!! It makes me want to go hug my cats.
    A donation to help more “Buddys” is on the way.
    What wonderful work this vet is doing.

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    This Is the worst case I’ve ever seen! I think Buddy is worse than Lucky! Although, Lucky was a repeat costumer! Come on owners, so easy to avoid! Please don’t let your pet suffer like Buddy & Lucky! Great post, thanks for sharing this for our sick entertainment (lol) but, you’re bringing awareness to a lot of people as well!

  7. justsqueezit says:

    Why do they never show them burning those nasty worms?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I watched this video. I was saying to myself, “I wish they would light all those worms on fire so we can watch them burn.” That would make me feel at least a little better about poor Buddy going through that suffering.

      1. They don’t burn them because they use them as bait for fishing.

      2. justsqueezit says:

        Well, I hope I never come back as a fish cuz I certainly don’t want to EAT them, faugh!

  8. comedoness says:

    I like this vet. He cares for these animals, and lets people know that they should be doing more for their pets’ health.

  9. This vet is the best, he’s got quite a few video’s.
    His animal clinic has a web site and they accept paypal, so it’s pretty easy to donate a few bucks.

  10. The vet is incredibly patient. I’m not talking about with the dogs but with the owners or in this case the idiot was supposed to be looking after Buddy. The guy sounds like he is perplexed at the instructions he is given. If I was the vet I would want to beat the people for neglecting what should be easy care. When the owners come back I hope they fire the guy who was supposed to be looking after things. I wonder how he treated their home.

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