Gum Infection ‘Explosed’!

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Due to a broken tooth,the guy had a gum infection and what was supposed to happen,did happened…
That’s funny because the EXACT same thing happened to me multiple time! (at the same place!) The pimple was always reforming because I waited too long for the dentist… sooooo I was popping it everyday! My procrastination cost me a root canal!!! And since I was only 18, ‘maman’ wasn’t happy ;)

YT Commentary:
“Popping a gum infection, this is why you go to the dentist kids,

This is not my mouth so save your “ew dude go to the dentist” as the persons whos mouth it is will never see the comments.Otherwise, enjoy..”

RUNTIME: 2min 23sec

TITLE: “popping a gum infection from broken tooth.”
YT INFO: Uploaded by onefastcavi on October 15,2012


8 Comments on “Gum Infection ‘Explosed’!

  1. unclelarry says:

    I love it when a zit goes “ka-plow”! Nice one, Plush.

    1. Agreed! what is it about the sound of a squeeze like this that is soo satisfying,haha!

  2. comedoness says:

    That mirror splat was choice!

  3. An abscess in a tooth is scary if it is not taken care of. The infection can jump from tooth to tooth until you are literally screwed. I hope he took care of it

  4. Come(un)done says:

    Bet that tastes nasty…

  5. holybejesis says:

    I love that little ‘TIK!’ when it pops!

  6. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    I’d leave that on the mirror for future generations to enjoy.

  7. Hey, what happened to all the comments that used to be with this post originally? A lot of them seem to have disappeared. Same thing with the tonsil stones one that is above this one on the PTZ home page. Never seen that before.

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