25 Year Old Blackhead!

25 years in the making, its one big, bad, back blackhead.
This Video Is Plain… Awesome!!!

The method is weird, true. But the camerawork makes it, again, awesome. Noises? Loud? Yes, a few (at least that I caught). But it is so much fun!! I bet this gets a bunch of favorites and you watch it more than once tonight. LOL. Thanks, curious – and kudos to all the others who submitted the video by form and e-mail! So I guess this is a highly “Member Recommended Video”. Cool! A “MeRV”. I love acronyms, don’t you?

Enjoy your MeRV.

YT Commentary:
“Aunt has a clogged pore for the past 25 years!!!”

RUNTIME: 6min 18sec

TITLE: “25 year old zit”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 4, 2013 by J Hall


82 Comments on “25 Year Old Blackhead!

  1. Why can’t someone in my family be blessed with one of these?

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Or your prom date…………

    1. rob palmer says:

      congrats its a boy!!!

  2. unclelarry says:

    Very nice. It put up a fight but the squeezer was tenacious and rewarded for her efforts. It looked like she uncorked a bottle of champagne. Great post curious. :)

    1. Looked like a baby coming out of the birth canal.

      1. I suppose this is what would be called a “forceps” delivery.

    2. I would not partake of that vintage.

  3. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    I sincerely expected that plug, once it came out, to start crawling up the picker’s finger.

    This was magnificent. I *so* want to have and pop one of those!!!

    1. yea I like it too… didn’t think it would ever come out

  4. Come(un)done says:

    That crud looks more like ear wax than like anything I’ve ever seen come out of a blackhead.

    Soooooo jealous…

    1. Come(un)done says:

      After watching a few more times, I’ve decided it’s not ear wax that stuff reminds me of – it’s those nasty toffees in the orange wrapper that they only sell at Hallowe’en. The ones that taste like molasses.

      1. great thanks! i’m probably one of the only people in this world that likes those toffees…not so much anymore :(
        now my hallowe’en is ruined i tell you! ;)

      2. Haha, we call that Bonfire Toffee here in the uk, cos it is sold primarily around our bonfire night on 5th of november. or maybe because its only fit to throw on the bonfire!

  5. Great post… I truly enjoyed this , and yes it kept me on the edge until it came out… thanks for the post…

    1. great thanks! i’m probably one of the only people in this world that likes those toffees…not so much anymore :(
      now my hallowe’en is ruined i tell you! ;)

      1. oops, wrong commenter

  6. Really a great post. a blackhead so I do not I had ever seen. Fantastic. Thanks

  7. 3cysterscafe says:

    Ahhh, the most wonderful of all, many times over! Yep, a number one favorite and 5 star all the way! For real, my jaw was hanging wide open! Thank you Curious! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best video I have ever seen! This will be crowned number 1 for 2013, I’ll bet’cha! Ok, I’m going to go watch it a few hundred more times!

  8. hopester22 says:

    Plucking out one of those babies is definitely on my bucket list. I couldn’t wait for it to be extracted. But my patience paid off in the end. So rewarding! The only way it could have been better was to have given us a close-up examination of the blackhead, after it was finally set free. Awesome post!

    1. Yes, that pore must be about 1/4 inch wide and 1 inch deep! Wonder why Aunt Grace decided to rid the black head knob?

  9. OMG that was awesome!!!

  10. I actually found myself leaning to help them leverage it out. Best blackhead EVAR!

  11. holybejesis says:

    I just kept yelling ‘SQUEEZE IT!!’ at my computer screen.

      1. Me three!

  12. Exit the dragon.

    Release the kraken.

    Redo your body’s feng-shui.

    1. As always – commentary spot on hilarious!!! :)

      1. ROFLOA!!!

  13. Amazingly over the top! If only it could have been popped with the old fashioned finger squeeze method.

    1. It would break the fingers and cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

    2. That would have been my preference but all around, a great post!!

  14. Jealous!!!!
    I was thinking get a corkscrew! Try a melon baller. Someone had tapped an old fashioned wine barrel.
    That was awesome

    1. GREAT IDEA!!!

      Wonder if they saved the black head as some collect wine corks? Ick, eww

  15. Looks like P_T_P missed his chance to use his 1/4 in. drill bit on a large, old, blackhead!!!
    Excellent find curious!!!

    1. Yes! the screwdriver that backs the screw out of the wall socket.

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        I think this one would need a 1/2″ bit and some WD40……

  16. Go CURIOUS!!!!! for finding it first. I posted in the Forum as well. It is in my opinion a PTZ Hall of Famer :)

  17. Curious, that was amazing for perseverance alone. I thought they would give up and just squeeze the garbage on out. But no. Dig a little, pluck a little, dig a little, pluck a little; dig, dig, dig, pluck a lot, dig a little more…..

    1. jordan1870 says:

      Me too!!! I kept thinking ‘Squeeze the doggone thing!!!’! I would’ve loved to see the black gunk just flowing out but seeing it coming out after the ‘digger’ worked it was satisfying as well. Definitely on my faves list!!

  18. Ladies and Gentlemen let us have a moment of silence…for this truly was the most amazing blackhead of all time.
    We are not worthy.

  19. The best single BLACKHEAD ever!!! I saw it a few days ago on YouTube & kept waiting on it to post here. I love that we & the popper were all rewarded with it finally pulling free, tail & all. Due to it’s having a tail, does it classify as a critter?

  20. So amazing I am almost **speechless** :-D

  21. Popthatpus says:

    To the tune of “Song that doesn’t end”:

    This is the pore that doesn’t end;
    it just goes on and on my friend.
    Some people started digging it not knowing what it was,
    and they’ll continue digging it forever just because…

  22. It looked like one of those ear wax extractions towords the end. Very gradifying when they finally got it, Instant Favorite!

  23. This has got to be the very best blackhead Ive seen. This is definitely a Hall Of Famer ! I was on pins and needles the whole time (no pun intended) I couldn’t believe how hard that thing was. As they were trying to dig it out, you could hear that is was rock hard. I know I would have squeezed that thing before 25 years. But this proves that sometimes there are big rewards for those who wait. LOL ! This was awesome Curious. Thanks for posting.

    1. 25 days maybe

  24. I didn’t want it to end…

  25. OMG! I screamed “move those f***ing fingers away! I want to see the blackhead!”.
    What a big blackhead. Just the way i like it. And the hole in the back….. EPIC!

    And if you all excuse me, i’ll go for a adventure inside a new-born cave.
    Maybe i’ll find a dinosaur. Where is my flashlight?

    1. Take your spelunking tools when you go into the cave. Take a strong torch light – it looked deep.

  26. This was the coolest one I have EVER seen!!!! I don’t get how people let it go like that. Crazy!!!

  27. To a blackhead lover like myself that was the greatest thing these eyes have ever seen, you people who also love the BH you know what I mean, I had tears in my eyes as they were pulling that plug out, I am sure there are small tribes is south America that worship that blackhead as a god.
    but didn’t it look kind of like the contents of a “one-hit-bong.”
    Love it.
    To grow something like that you have to love it and care for it, feed it, wipe oils and salves on it. it was like giving birth, I kinda expected an ambilical cord attached to it.

  28. princesspustule says:

    I don’t believe this is a blackhead. As I looked while they where pulling it out, it looked to be a dried up sebaceous cyst sac. It looked like all the cheese had been removed a long time ago and the sac remained there without being remove. I do agree that there was some keratin and a very mild layer of blackhead goo on the very surface but, the majority was a dried old sac. It was most wonderful though. I enjoyed it so much I have already played it 6 0r 7 times. No matter what it was I just want to say thank you to Curious for this Gem. It was greatly appreciated.

    1. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

      agree. I’m pretty sure it’s an old, dried up cyst and not a standard blackhead. The material looks like a really old, funky cyst. So in that light, it’s impressive that they got it out entirely.

      But who cares – it’s freakin’ AWESOME.

  29. Reminded me of the birth of my kids.

  30. I lit a cigarette when that was done. That was beautiful!

  31. The first time that I watched this, my teeth were clenched with the excitement and expectation of it all. After watching it several times (I just cannot stop mself – it is like I am living in a post hypnotic trance and I am being drawn to push “play” over and over and over again), I just keep thinking ” a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. I think that Aunt Grace should have left it alone (although we would all be the poorer for it) and ended her days (may they be healthy and plentiful) with Rocky – I have named it. After all, she had become one with Rocky. Their relationship had been longer than many marriages. Just think, she could have been married, divorced, obtained a Phd and still had years left over with Rocky still having a symbiotic relationship with her. He was a beautiful critter and now- with such a simple weapon as a sewing needle – he/she/it, is no more. I bow my head and wipe away my tears and drippy nose in his memory. BTW, UI realize that if Aunt Grace were now to compete in a pageant such as Miss (or Mrs.) Universe, she would have points deducted for having an empty crater. Had Rocky not been given the death penalty, a little bit of cosmetic artistry could have hidden him from prying eyes. Its a darn shame!!!

  32. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Let us take a moment to give 5 Stars and 100 Thumbs-up to the cameraperson that did such an awesome job !

  33. Ingenious use of the blunt end of a needle!

  34. crazy4cyst says:

    awesome post

  35. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

    This def reminded me of some of those earwax extractions. I could be mistaken, but I believe earwax and some zit cheese are cousins from the same stinky mush family. I was once told by a doc (I cannot confirm the truth in this) but that often times those who are prone to lots of skin cheese are also prone to producing lots of earwax. Doesn’t mean it gets built up, just means they *make* more. So I wonder if there is some kind of a connection between the two substances. ANYWAYS, this was freakin’ fantastic. I was so excited during this and I really hope that if these ladies decide to have another pickin’ party that they invite me too.

  36. you know, I’ve been wondering what might arrive to share the spotlight with april 28th’s ‘huge cyst entertains party’, and here it is! this site just gets crazier and crazier (and I mean that in a good way!). What could possibly be next???

  37. This just BLEW ME AWAY! I LOVE blackheads and this one is definitely by far THE best. Went RIGHT to my favorites. Although, it would have been nice to see some of that gunk squeezed out and not all picked out. Still, all in all, it was pretty satisfying. :D

  38. Best Video Ever. You are correct…I watched it 4 times!

    1. I haven’t stopped watching it since Sunday night the 18th! I’m hypnotized and mesmerized! LOL

  39. Mr. McPimple says:

    Just wow! At the end I stood up and clapped as if I was at a Beatles concert! A+++++

  40. Let’s see Dr. Y top this one!!

  41. This blackhead could buy the poppers a beer, it is so old.

  42. That is the strangest looking blackhead I have ever seen. It looks like a plug of tobacco. It would have been magnificent if she would have only squeezed that out whole. I keep yelling; get under that and squeeze. It would have pop out easily. How does anybody grow such a beast??

  43. Now they need to swab inside hole with a Q-Tip dipped in alcohol and cover that thing up. What a crater!

  44. awesome blackhead , thick , black and oh so nasty !!

  45. o.k. I can see the head, now push,push. For some reason I actually gaged when it finally came out. I must be getting soft.

  46. That’s no blackhead. And what a god awful way to extract it.

  47. I keep watching it for the pop, but also for the mom’s accent! Is that an Irish or Australian accent? And what language is she speaking to her husband/Johnny…Chinese? Korean? And I love it when one of the poppers calls Aunt Grace “Angry.” Cute nickname.
    “Megan, let me tell ya honey. In Johnny’s drawer, his desk drawer…” Love this family. :)

  48. I’ve watched this video at least a dozen times now and it never gets old lol..would love to know at least one person in my lifetime that had blackheads or a blackhead like this one for me to have fun picking at and pulling it out..Awww shucks it’s just not fair ! ;-)
    Great post

  49. Holy sheepZIT batman!!

  50. Resident Cougar says:

    sad face, sitting on curb, depressed, oh so very alone……

    Damn! I Missed Another One!
    – You-Tube & thier silly-ass rules!
    – they act more like the thought police with each passing season!
    – where are we?

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