Extreme BH: Multi-Head Cyst and Blackheads!

“The Extreme BlackHead Series!”
2 Videos! Plus Exclusive Footage to Follow!

You will see the multiple heads at the end of this. This is very different. This isn’t an ordinary cyst. That yellow stuff that comes out is very hard… bubbles are underneath. It has about 6 -8 different heads.We are using hot compresses too. This post has part 1 & 2, but there is also a middle segment footage video that you can only see here on PopThatZit.com!! Hope you all enjoy!

New videos coming out all the time, with more exclusives on PTZ – Stay Tuned!

– joe –
“Extreme BH”

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RUNTIME: 5min 05sec


RUNTIME: 12min 18sec

TITLE(s): “* NEW * HUGE Cyst + Multiple Heads+ Blackheads 1 of 2″ & “* NEW * HUGE Cyst + Multiple Heads+ Blackheads 2 of 2″
YT INFO: Published on Jun 26, 2013 by Extreme BH


29 Comments on “Extreme BH: Multi-Head Cyst and Blackheads!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    ………………………………… PLIERS

  2. …Scalpel
    Excellent find Joe!!!

    1. Actually, joe is also the creator! :) Gotta love PTZ Members who treat us to their homegrown goodies, right? (yay, joe!)

      Wait.. find does work… ya gotta find the stuff to pop first… Ach, I am loopy loopy lady these days.

      Hope all is well in your corner of the world, BT!

      ~ H.S.

      1. Oops!!! Force of habit!!!

  3. that was great…still wish that big one would pop tho…

  4. floradestroya says:

    For the love of God, put your fingers farther apart! Aaaaarrrgggg!!

    1. Or use a pin or scalpel or SOMETHING!!! to help get those treasures out!

    2. I so agree. I had to stop watching, was so frustrated and my face ached from gritting my teeth. Maybe we should put out a you tube video of effective popping techniques.

  5. NMGAPAOH says:

    WOW – the pus ridge wants to erupt!

  6. I know most people here are big on poppers using gloves, but in some cases they’re a real hindrance. I think this is one of those cases. If the popper would just use his nail, he could scrape that crud out from under the big ridge sooooooo much easier. Same for picking up the stuff he’s already squeezed out.

  7. I wonder why he hasn’t cut it open yet or at least used something other then his fingers??? its a awesome pop!!! sooner or later lol

  8. neetersb112 says:

    yes, poke a hole in that thing! :)

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one frustrated with the video (all of them actually). They need instruction that’s for sure. Go wide!!! I usually end up cringing as the area starts looking like raw hamburger. Is this the same poor person in every video or do they take turns? Okay, I’m done now.

  10. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    hidradenitis suppurativa?

    1. Popthatpus says:

      I was thinking the same thing. All of that scar tissue means that this is probably a chronic condition! Joe, have you been to a doctor for this before? It looks like it’s time for that. It looks like you’ve been dealing with it for a long time.

  11. TexasBubs says:

    So much potential – so much frustration. I do love the multi-headers but slice that puppy open, use a blackhead extractor or use the “four-finger” method & get up under those things! Quit digging around on them & get down to business! ARGH!!!

    1. EXTRACTOR!!!! Please! And pull some skin out and get your fingers under there! You have to force it out. Squeeze hard! What a big beautiful burst of gunk there would be…. if ONLY! …sigh….

  12. pusareus says:

    Me thinks that after many years of squeezing this cyst, it has developed multiple sinuses under the skin, which is why there are so many openings to it – all those blackheads. Imagine an anthill or mole nest with all the tunnels and that is what is happening under the skin. This entire area should be excised (scar revision) by a surgeon. Once it is cleaned out and properly stitched up, it should finally heal properly.

  13. crazy4cyst says:

    this is a difficult one great videos keep posting

  14. comedoness says:

    I so badly want to grab that lump and give it the four finger salute.

    1. me toooooo!!! :)

  15. To quote one of my favorite cyst videos. . .”make the hole bigger!”
    Sometimes, you just have to cut it open. In this case, it looks like this is a combination of blackheads, cysts, ingrown hairs, and scar tissue.
    A perfect storm if you will.
    Use of a sterile field and a scalpel is in order.

  16. poppy popperson says:

    get a freaking needle already.

  17. I agree, I think a pin will help! Or even the smallest of incisions. It is the weirdest little thing isn’t it! I love watching these so keep them coming!

  18. Get UNDER the lump to push it out! The way you’re doing it, you’re pushing the stuff further down and that can cause some real problems.

  19. just one of those that gave me the urge to lend a hand…beautiful bh

  20. That was very frustrating to watch! There was so much left to do!

  21. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    I think you all don’t realize how difficult this zit popping really is. I had a huge cyst on my back a few days ago. So set up the camera and hubby went at it. There’s the thing of not wanting to hurt the poppee and I must say it did hurt sometimes like hell.

    You really need a camera operator because you need a “zoomer” so even tho my zit squirted hubby several times the camera doesn’t have a brain so could not catch it. So my well intentioned vid of my first big zit was a washout.

    So just remember that before you bash these people. I do understand the frustration, I really want Joe to tear into that monster cyst too but have a heart. He’s trying his best.

  22. Taffitabing says:

    This guy needs to take lessons on how to pop a zit, all he was doing is pinching it and pushing it further inside, could have had a great payload but nope. Chances of that becoming infected is high, too bad he squeezed it all inside.

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