Central Georgia’s Massive Abscess Flood! *Fixed*

*Fixed, 8/29/2013


Waterfall of pus and nastiness! ~amir74

Surgical Drainage of an Abscess
May Contain Fluids or Material Other than Pus
Such as Blood or Necrotic Tissue
Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Kudos to the amazingly large number of people who also submitted this video! Obviously, this is one for the History Books! Huh, where do we keep those? Interesting saying… anyways, ahem… I do have to mention this reminds me of a song called “Clean Up Your Mess” that was in a little known film (“Bitten”, 2008) starring Jason Mewes. You’ll see what I mean. Oh – volume A-OK, musical ditty! ;)


YT Commentary:
“This is a friend of mine who had to go to the surgeon to have a MASSIVE Abscess popped on his back.”

RUNTIME: 2min 512sec

TITLE: “Central Georgia Cyst Pop of the Year!!”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 16, 2013 by Bill Haygood

170 Comments on “Central Georgia’s Massive Abscess Flood! *Fixed*

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I think we’re gonna have to install a sump pump on this one nurse…

    1. unclelarry says:

      They’re gonna need a bigger boat!

      1. Oh, unclelarry, I just love you!

    2. Industrial sized.

    3. I could not agree with you more it just kept coming… get post

      1. mrtasteless says:

        Goodness gracious… what a monster! Looks like chocolate milk with a raspberry chaser ;-) Going to need a garden hose to irrigate that cavity… mama mia…

    4. Its either that or haul out the beach towels. Wouldn’t it be easier to stick a vacuum hose in there?

      1. Resident Cougar says:

        shop vac!

    5. Each time I come on here I notice the shortageof UK senders, is it the free health service we have here as I have to say if I had a cyst or spot half the size of anything I had seen on here I would be getting anti biotics from my doctors (for free) and booked in to have it drained well before it got that big and so dangerous as everyone of these people has the chance of blood poisoning but I still watch them and it’s weird once I watch one I have to watch a few more and get stuck on for a few hours, good luck on the other side of the pond and please will someone explain why these people don’t get treatment earlier?

      1. Avoiding the inevitable. Ok, I give it to you, it would be great to have free medical but unfortunately that is not an option in the states, so yes it can be a money issue. I don’t think the majority of people would let it get this bad.

      2. gimpysgirl says:

        gammar police: could someone lend us a comma? period?

    6. Please tell me this petson was unconscious for this!!!!!

  2. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    oh.my.heavens…this is truly a 5 star if I’ve ever seen one…

    wow what a masterpiece of gore!

    Aye freakin’ chihuahua

    deb p aka @lovesalsa

  3. That ain’t no Georgia red clay – yikes :( The area and skin incised looked black. I wonder if the color was due to ink or infection???

    1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      I was wondering that too. I couldn’t get a good enough look to see if the ink was “bleeding out” or if that was a very large hematoma. Anyone wanna chime in on that?

      1. I immediately wondered the same thing but his tattoo seems to be long since healed and with him for some time now. And when the doctor started the incision, the blackened skin looked like it was sliding almost as he cut. So, I’m leaning towards the hematoma, massive blood amount in this abscess as the culprit.

      2. I would say ink and infected by ink or needle. Too new to be poor hygiene or improper care of tat. It happens as much as we would like to believe it doesn’t. Just my thoughts.

      3. lol Dr S. it looks like a work in progress…the ink looks new next to the legs.

      4. @Dripper, Oy, I’d hope a work that large would be in progress; imagine getting that all at once. I’d faint. lol. :) So, further on down the comments, @Ilovepus says that the original YouTube poster stated the abscess was unrelated to the tattoo on his friend’s back. I’ll take his word for it.

        By the way, it’s delightful to ‘see’ you! :D

      5. TY Dr.! I did not read that far and I should have..but maybe I misunderstood the comment…I thought that GAjustme was referring to the black as well… and I noticed that there was some feathering to it at the top making me think it was part of the ink.

        I am always around you know…I could never leave…I just don’t post anymore because of all the nonsense out there…but have amazing “Hero Worship” for those who do post! It is not as easy as it used to be! With that said…great mining amir74!

      6. Ink doesn’t bleed out.

    2. @dweedwaa

      I think what she was referring to was that the skin could have been necrotic (black) or a Haematoma (almost black). I don’t think that was the case! But I am sure you know that! I will bet that some folks wished it would bleed out! Like the guys on “Sons of A” lol

    3. wobblerlorri says:

      Actually I think a lot of that was shading on that excellent dragon tat.

  4. unclelarry says:

    HO-LEE-COW! He must have been miserable lugging that monster around and felt enormous relief after it was drained. Loved the chunks! Awesome post AMIR74!! This is an instant classic. And thank you to Bill Haygood for posting this on YT. :)

    1. The poor doctor must have been an Intern. I think I saw the supervising physician step back and laugh. They were pouring on the underpads to no avail. They all needed a shower after that.

      1. I’m assuming Doc-in-a-box.

  5. ilikebigzitsandicannotlie says:

    The doctor was awesome for getting all up in that and destroying that thing……And it was a joy to watch the cinematography!!!!

  6. jarhead1967 says:

    OMG! that is one nasty infection. Something I noticed – look closely about 5 inches left and one or two inches down from the center of the infection and you can see another slightly inflamed area … then when they do a close up you can see what appears to be an older incision mark that hasn’t quite closed all the way. I think he had one of these previously … we have to look around and see if we can find some footage of that procedure.

    1. I noticed that, he might (might, not did) have tried popping it on his own and caused it to go supernova

  7. Somehow I doubt that surgical drape caught all the flow; being very grateful I don’t have to do that dude’s laundry.

    Massive congrats AMIR74 – ya done good!

  8. @popthatzit: thanks for making me blind and speechless!
    No warning for this video? I just lost both eyes and my jaw!
    My eyes popped out of my head and my jaw fell on the floor.
    They need a bigger washingmachine there. Way bigger….

    BTW: did the guy survived this? Because he lost a lot of pus and blood.
    I wonder how much he lost…..

    1. Did the staff survive it?

      1. I think they survived. They wear boots and a boat at the parking lot, ready for the action of the century.

        But another question came up to me; for how long did the guy took to get this thing popped? It had to be a very long time, maybe to long? Because it had to hurt like hell. And why do you take this long for seeing a doctor?

  9. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

    Hmm, I’m thinking that maybe those jeans are just gonna have to be thrown away. They probably should have just laid the guy in an empty bath tub to catch all this.

    1. Oh man; I was gonna say that! Better yet put him upright and naked in the tub and run the shower.

      1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

        Love your name lol! But yea, a siphon might have been interesting too. I’d like to see that done sometime on one of these really liquid loads.

    2. Sit him up and put a bucket under it lol.

      1. Would a bucket be enough for the volume of nastiness vacating that pus and gunk mine?

  10. Cystastic says:

    Oh my Lordy! What a back pack!
    That had to hurt!! How long was it there?!

    1. prunesquallor says:

      “Oh my Lordy! What a backpack!” What a great comment line, Cystastic. Thanks for giving this massive cyst a proper perspective. It truly deserves it. Usually, the simple quotes, become the most memorable. I tend to use ten words, when just a few well placed ones will suffice, and give more meaning. And humour. Pop on. jajaja
      Caio Prunesquallor

  11. is it the bigger you are the bigger they get???? or did he just not see it??? WOW…. they really needed a shop vac though

    1. I want my vote back!!! I didn’t read this right and was chuckling at the shop vac comment! I don’t like the ‘bigger you are’ comment, not at all! :(

      1. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

        Me either. The person’s size and struggle with obesity has absolutely no bearing on issues of cleanliness, odor, infection or intrinsic value. Remarks about “fatties”, “whales” and so forth are one of the few things making visits to this site unpleasant.

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        These kind of comments are not tolerated here! Our regular members are aware of this and would never post a comment like that, ever! “Ed” is not a regular to this site! He has probably already gotten a IM from one of our lovely moderators. So, if you’re not familiar. With this sight, we are very respectful to each others ALWAYS? This is not YouTube here!

    2. As 3cysters was gracious enough to point out, and very well written too my friend, this is not a tolerated comment. Dear Ed, if you read this here, please watch your commentary from here on out, and count this an official warning. To others, please take heed that comments should always be polite and respectful. That doesn’t mean you have to say everything in the world is great, but there are always polite ways of saying a video is not to your liking. :) And for this lesson alone is why i am choosing to actually leave the above comment in place, so that others who are new to the site can understand and carry this information forward with them. Thanks all!!!

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin
      (with a very sore mouth from post-surgical infection, blast it!)

      1. just an fyi….i am 5 foot 8 and 360 lbs….. I don’t take offense to it…. but maybe its just me

  12. wylderose says:

    Good God, that’s got my eyes bugging out for sure!! I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen very often believe me, lol…

  13. prunesquallor says:

    I viewed this awesome video three times, just to make absolutely sure my comment would coincide with what I saw. In all my life, I have never seen such a massive amount of ichor, blood, and gore, coming from an abscess belonging to one person. The pain from the pressure of pus buildup, must have been excruciating to say the least. I observed the Dr. breaking up the loculations with a finger, no less then 3 times. Each time, the pus flowed as freely as if it had been lanced for the first time. I’m sure everyone present in that room, was as gobsmacked as we were.
    What a way to start in on PTZ, after a bit of holiday where I did not have access to the world wide web. Thanks for the post AMIR74, I think. I’m sure this image will be riveted in my memory for a long time. Or at least until the next big one. Pop on People
    Caio Prunesquallor

    1. prunesquallor says:

      I miss-counted. Make that 4 finger loculation break-ups. AND, the video ended before the good Dr, was finished vanquishing this monster. We will never know the exact amount of gore that flowed so freely from this poor guy’s back. I just hope he is in full recovery mode.
      Caio Prunesquallor

    2. Gobsmacked describes it exactly.

  14. THAT is THE LARGEST cyst I’ve ever seen among the 5000+ videos that I’ve viewed.

    It was like a horror movie, “Don’t, don’t don’t open that cyst doctor” (meanacing music plays in the background.)

    It’s a Stephen King cyst with projectile vomit spewing forth split pea soup.

  15. I was wondering why they didn’t do that procedure in the hospital? seems like it would have been safer and more sanitary…AND they could have put him in a bathtub like EasyPeasy suggested! sure would have been easier on the clean-up crew. :)

    1. They probably had no clue the drainage would be that massive. When you donate blood they make sure to tell to increase your fluid intake til the blood volume is replaced. I SERIOUSLY wonder if the patient needed IV fluids after losing all that :(

      1. That’s a good point, gajustme. I didn’t know that they tell you to push fluids when you give blood. (Something I unfortunately cannot do. Thank you for doing it; I have a sister who survived a botched surgery closing only because of the availability of blood transfers for her.) It makes perfect sense, just didn’t know – and I think you’re right. Our poor star here probably needed fluids. I wondered about IV antibiotics and pain medications – IV or not. He must have been in a lot of serious pain, even after the release of pressure.

      2. gajustme –
        I was thinking the same thing. A lot of body resources had to go into making this abscess, so maybe the person “fed” the infection already. I wonder if this person would go into shock because of the loss of fluids. That just seems too devastating to get up and walk away from. yikes.

    2. Popthatpus says:

      I have the distinct feeling that they transferred him to the hospital immediately following this. They probably even called an ambulance to do the transfer. The amount of infection, coupled with the blackened skin (necrosis??) and the massive blood loss… oy. The blood loss alone could have sent anyone into shock!

      1. If there was sufficient blood loss to cause the body to go into shock it would’ve happened when the abscess was forming initially, not when it was simply being drained It’s not like a spigot to where when it’s being drained you’ve opened the spigot to a major artery. The fluid whether it be blood, pus etc is built up over the course of time that the abscess is forming, there by the longer it’s left unattended the more fluid builds up.

    3. justsqueezit says:

      Bathtubs really aren’t that sanitary – and you know it’s bad when they start throwing chux everywhere to try and stave off a lava flow!

      1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

        The bathtub suggestion was tongue in cheek of course ;-)

  16. Tater Face says:

    It would be interesting to know what the total volume was that came out of that thing. Just guessing, it looked to be somewhere between a quart and a half gallon. How could he stand to let it get THAT big?

  17. Why don’t they use a suction tube like the dentist. I am being serious

    1. They use them in surgery

    2. Why don’t they use a suction tube? Because then the PTZ video with pus spilling out all over the place wouldn’t be as much fun to watch. Translation: Because the doctor and his team are true popologists. LOL

      1. They look to be in a doc’s office – in the ER we have them… but that would use a number of them…

    3. Would a 1/4″ round opening on the suction be able to keep up with the red river of pus?

    4. Suction tube? No, a good’ ole bilge pump.

    5. if they used a vacuum we wouldn’t get to see all the beautiful liquids also some of the chunks would probably clog up the nozzle then where would they be, up the creek without a suction. boooo
      best i could do.

  18. holybejesis says:

    That was jaw-dropping. I had 2 thoughts….
    #2, this person was really a size 4 without the abscess. That must have been agony.

  19. I am absolutely speechless. Unbelievable, just unbelievable.

  20. Heh I was one of those who submitted this beauty too. It is amazing!!!

    1. Thank you! Finding such awesomeness and bringing to share with the group is always appreciated, even if your post isn’t the first to be submitted. I’m always grateful when others bring gifts! :)

    2. THANK YOU! Your post was simply amazing!!!

  21. 3cysterscafe says:

    O M G ! ! ! Never have I been at a loss for words…………until now!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Why in Gods name, would anyone let that get So incredibly enormous on their back? It must’ve been so painful and Grueling, just putting a shirt on would hurt like hell! I wonder if she had a cat? If she a cat, she could let it do that nice little thing they do. You know, the needing like you do bread.. It may hurt a bit but the mess would have been more of a worry! Just think, that would have been so cool!

  22. On YT I asked Bill about it, it was nothing to do with the tattoo, and his friend was in so much pain he could barely walk.

    1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      Poor guy. I hope he’s better now.

  23. “no but the stuff measured over a gallon. it was nearly two. the doc said it was a record amount he had never heard of anyone with that much. the abscess grew over three weeks.”

    1. 3 Weeks?! Why do people always wait so long before they goto see their gorilla?

    2. Holy guacamole! A person;s total blood volume is normally – 5 to 6 quarts. It is a miracle he wasn’t septic and on life support :(

  24. That was cool!!!! Congrats :D

  25. Oh my LAWD! It’s huge and what a messed up colour! Looks like it might be an infection from the tattoo.


  27. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed. Where are the slo-mo shots? ;) I think it would have helped if they had stopped along the way to clean up the mess to allow US better visualization. And those pads are not up to this kind of challenge for sure. They needed those big soppy sponges used in the OR. Now, I will have to go back for some closer looks. Great find!!

  28. comedoness says:

    Holy pus flood! Start throwing sandbags on that levee!

    Every time that doc inserted his finger to break up the loculations, it was another gusher!

    1. A vivd recount of what happened! Excellent recap.

  29. wobblerlorri says:

    Holy moley that was a HUGE abscess!! I don’t know how the guy was still alive with that much sheer evilness in him!! And I couldn’t help but notice (who could!), he’s another tattooed person… makes me think twice again about getting a tattoo.

    But if I did, I might become the proud owner of one of these stellar abscesses…

    Oh why must I choose!!!!

    I wonder, wouldn’t it have been easier and neater to have Mr Goop lie on his side and drain the abscess into a bucket or something? Our Indian heroes always do that, but Western docs seem to like just catching it all in some sort of Chux or gauze or something…

    1. Tattoos & abscesses, again, huh? Okay, but the poor horse’s been gone awhile now. Here’s your whip, have some fun!

      1. wobblerlorri says:

        I’ve just noticed that a lot of the truly gnarly abscesses on this site (and Youtube) seem to occur in areas that have been tattooed. I’m not talking about sebaceous cysts, but infected abscesses.

        It seems odd to me that the two are hand-in-hand so often…

      2. Gliss-PussBliss says:

        You said it DrSpencer, it sure has!!!!!

    2. I don’t understand why people automatically associate a tattoo with an abscess. I’ve had 4 tattoos for years without so much as a pimple on any of them. If you follow the artists instructions and keep it clean you won’t have any problems (unless of course you want an abscess).
      I did have to have an abscess lanced on my leg last year but it was from a really bad contusion, no tats on my leg.

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        What is in Tattoo ink that could possibly cause a problem….?
        The FDA and medical practitioners have noted that many ink pigments used in tattoos are “industrial strength colors suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint. Plus heavy metals known to cause cancer,birth defects, and other reproductive harm. Inks may be made from iron oxides (rust), metal salts, plastics, pen ink, soot, dirt, blood, mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, copper, barium, ferrocyanide, ferricyanide, naphtha, carbon. Other compounds include antimony, arsenic, beryllium, calcium, lithium, selenium, and sulfur. Tattoo ink manufacturers typically blend the heavy metal pigments and/or use lightening agents (such as lead or titanium) to reduce production costs
        A carrier acts as a solvent for the pigment, to “carry” the pigment from the point of needle trauma to the surrounding dermis, and aid application. The most typical solvent is ethyl alcohol or water, but denatured alcohols, methanol, rubbing alcohol, polypropylene glycol, and glycerin are also used. When an alcohol is used as part of the carrier base in tattoo ink or to disinfect the skin before application of the tattoo, it increases the skin’s permeability, helping to transport more chemicals into the bloodstream.
        And you want this crap under your skin just so you can have a cute little butterfly?
        Are you Nucking Futs?
        (With apologies to all of my wonderful friends and family that are “inked”.)


      2. wobblerlorri says:

        Funny, but I never did associate abscesses with ink until I started watching these sorts of videos. It’s just peculiar how many truly epic abscesses are surrounded by a tattoo of one sort of another…

        Drawing a false conclusion? Maybe. But it makes me think twice about getting my Kung Fu dragon and tiger forearm tattoos.

    3. Gliss-PussBliss says:

      You said it DrSpencer, it sure has.

      1. I have to say I think it has more to do with the following 2 things:

        1. the number of people with tattoos, and

        2. the number of people owning cell phones with video capability.

        This is why we see so many tats.

  30. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Usually, this volume of goo is reserved for bovine videos. Since we didn’t see it finished up, I can only assume that it was packed with a beach towel or two….

    Awesome post AMIR74
    5 Stars for each beach towel used !

    1. Great analogy!

    2. justsqueezit says:

      To pack that sucker they would have had to drag out about 10 kerlex

  31. In the Youtube Comments the poster quoted the doctor at 2 gallons of gunk!

    1. 2 gallons! Any idea just how much that is? Pour two new unopened gallons of milk on the floor! Holy Cow!

      1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

        I’m trying to visualize how that much liquid fit into a (relatively) small space. It wasn’t like he had a beach-ball attached to his back.

      2. Yeah, you’re right – just WHERE in his body was all of this pus forming?

  32. Oh my damn…The levee has broken! I mean what in the hell? I just know she had to be sick as a dog to be storing up all of that nasty goodness? I’m sure the Dr. must have said after he seen that tsunami of Blood & Pus ” Awww Damit! WITF did I just do?” This is in the top 5! No question about it!

  33. Xander Kelly says:

    Could you imagine if the good Dr. Yadav narrated this one?

    1. Thank you, @Xander. Because tonight, in my dreams, he will! Lol. I agree, that would be epic. :D

  34. Sing it with me!
    (To the tune of Great Big Globs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts)

    Great big globs of stringy, slimy, pussie guts,
    Oh my goodness don’t it reek?
    Dripping down my hands and feet!
    Don’t forget to tape it all for PTZ
    So everyone says EWWWWW!

  35. @Amir74 – This is such a fantastic video that like many others, I don’t think I have the words to do it justice! Thank you so much for finding it and posting it. This video is a huge dump truck full of stress-relieving pus and purulence for an otherwise stressful several days. So thank you, really, thank you! 5 star, straight to favorites, where I will label it “My Precious”

    I feel so badly that our poor patient had such a horrible (infected I think?) abscess. The abscess grew over 3 weeks (as the YT poster told Ilovepus) and that still seems like it got incredibly large quickly. Sometimes when it comes to our own health, we think we have a problem under control, our we like to think we do, and then it snowballs out of control quickly. I know I’ve been guilty of this on a smaller scale. I just really, really hope this gentleman has healed, is infection free and has no lasting health issues as a result!!

  36. Hol-eee crap. I’ve been here something like 3 years. And that’s the….uh….I…..er….never…uh…..no…..huh……what……just…..uh…..wow.

  37. So THATS what happened to my shoe! I thought we’d never find it.

  38. My God, what DIDN’T come out of that thing? I think I even saw bits of the new royal baby’s placenta mixed in there somewhere.

    It’s like “Night of the Living Pus Zombie,” especially when the doctor sticks his finger so far in the wound it looks for a moment like he’s going to put his whole fist in.

  39. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    Stupefying…I’m speechless.

  40. Hells bells I thought that was a whale being cut up!

  41. Gliss-PussBliss says:


    I believe a gallon of water weighs approximately 8 pounds.

    The pus is much more dense than water, maybe weighs more?
    At least 16 pounds if it was 2 gallons.
    Great find amir74!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I think they’re gonna need a bigger….mop.

  43. princesspustule says:

    OH…..MY…GAWD!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??? That poor guy. I have never seen anything like that and I’m a freakin nurse. I really don’t think any of them anticipated this much gunk or else they would have been better prepared. I know I would have. Lets see. Sump pump, industrial suction hose, blankets of cotton batting, OH yes lets not forget duck tape. All things can be fixed with duck tape. No all kidding aside. This was or is a sick kid that needs to be admitted in the hospital and on mega doses of antibiotics and pain meds. I enjoyed the show but not at his painful expense and I want to personally thank him for letting up see what he has been dealing with. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you and hope he gets better.

  44. Steve Manning says:

    Looks like the guy had some severe bruising across his lower back. I saw some clots roll out with all the gunk.

    A buddy of mine got smacked in the thigh with a baseball. Over a month later, when he could not put his weight on that leg and could not get his pants on because of the swelling, he went to the hospital. The doc made a long incision mid thigh, about 6 inches long, and the bloody cottage cheese came in hand fulls. He put his hands on either side of the cut and squeezed. As he did, the stuff just gushed out. The little 12′ by 12′ room had a cement floor with a drain in the middle. The stuff would make a plopping sound and blood splatter covered nearly the entire surface. The drain would plug so they’d empty mop buckets of water to dilute the crap. Smelled wonderful. Much better to watch on video than to be there, trust me.

    1. You lucky enough to go with him? And why is there no film at 11?? Horrifically gross description that would have been video worthy! But thanks for the book version! That sounds awful for your buddy but great for us.

    2. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      Wowzers! That must have been horrifying for your friend. I hope he’s fully recovered with no long-term issues.

      Shame on you for not filming though ;-P

    3. I have often thought that PTZ should have a section for written descriptions of events that were witnessed but not recorded on video. I know it does not compare to actual visual footage, but still… I think it could appeal? What do you think… too far out of or “mandate”??

      BTW, I was wondering if this patient was under more than the usual amount of anaesthetic – he didn’t move at all, and I’ll bet he was feeling PRETTY SICK!

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        He didn’t look too healthy did he……?

    4. and just what is your excuse for not recording it?

  45. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    Wow. Poor, poor patient!

    These are amazing to me, though my favorites tend to be sebacs and blackheads.

    What I have to wonder is — at what point, with such a large infection, was there a threat to the spine? I hope this person is okay.

    And thanks for the vid!

  46. invisible zipper says:

    “Hey Larry, I can feel your kidneys!”

    Man, that’s up there with those cow abscess videos. Amazing!!

  47. … Texas tea.

  48. Incredible video!! Many thanks to Amir for posting this. What a fantastic cherry-popper!
    What I realized that was this guy must have absolutely *STANK*, before and after. An abscess that big has a life of it’s own and STINKS on it’s own, even before it’s lanced. And you just know that pints of it just seeped into his pants…
    Then he probably took the subway home.

    1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      Pretty sure he took a gurney to the nearest hospital for some meds.

  49. Zitgoddess says:

    While this was enjoyable from an armchair quarterback perspective, I can ONLY imagine how sick this guy must have been. I can’t believe that the infection didn’t get into his spinal column area and do irreperable harm. I was a bit squeemish at how papery his skin looked when the doctor was making the initial incision, that’s the sign of a truly serious infection. I certainly hope that this guy is feeling better and that the wound has filled in after the packing.

  50. Friggin hell, I nearly lost my dinner over that one.
    Bet they weren’t expecting that geyser. Hope they had the rubber boots on.
    I thought they tapped into a blocked hospital sewer pipe for a second. Call maintenance and get the electric eel down here…stat!

    Do we have enough stars to rate this one?
    5 stars with bonus points for the gag factor.

  51. Watched again, we have found the new spokesman for SHAM WOW

  52. I debated even viewing this one. Normally I’m a sebac and blackhead kind of gal. But I couldn’t fight off the curiosity.

    Just an acronym describes my reaction … very small … very appropriate …

    [OMG!!] – OMG squared

  53. I love how they started out with 4×4’s, then quickly moved to disposable bed pads. You can almost here the “holy crap” going through their minds when that bad boy ruptured and went to town!!!!


    1. No, the only thing which could have stemmed the flow would have been a professional bilge pump.

  55. Pic~N~Chik~N says:

    Maybe the title should’ve been, “The Devil Came Down to Georgia” “…Chicken in the bread pan, pickin’ out dough”

    1. that’s freakin funny :)

  56. Holy crap! Got a bucket?

  57. Wow, never saw anything like that on a person. They should have been in a hospital, preferably in an OR, and ultrasounded or CT’d first. I could get snarking and say this is the future of medicine in this country, but I won’t. As far as an IV, it would have been beneficial, but all the pus, serosanguinous fluid and some of the blood was already third spaced anyway over the previous days to weeks this was all coalescing, so it isn’t as dramatic of a fluid shift as it would seem. But he’d still benefit from fluids, antibiotics, 15% minimum or higher protein in his diet if he has the kidneys for it, a wound nurse… ugg… It appears to be hematoma on the skin. He didn’t look like it was too complex though, we would have seen the ‘grape jelly’ stuff, or old, we’d see a yellow outline, or that he was on blood thinners – there would have been more blood, although we didn’t see this through to the bitter end so that’s more of an assumption on my part.

    Just wow… wow…

  58. I would have loved to have heard the audio. You don’t want to alarm the patient, but it must have been difficult for them to not have been going almost crazy trying to keep the putrescent flood from overwhelming their paltry efforts to stem the flow…

    “Holy crap! Wow! Uh, we might need more sheets. We’re gonna need some help in here!
    Things are juuuuust fine, Mr. Jones. Don’t you worry, everything is okay.
    Doctor, you might want to stop pushing for a minute until we can mop this up here. WHOA! Don’t go too deep there. We need more chux pads! Stat! STAAAAAAAT!!!!!”

  59. Wow, I’d say everyone involved in this process was a trooper…the patient must have been in some serious pain from this. Hope they feel better now!

  60. Imagine the smell.

  61. I’ve been away for awhile , this was my first view and it was everything I dreamed of..and MORE!! all I can say is WOWIE…great post amir74

  62. Bucket. Check.

    Bilge Pumps ready? Check.

    Shop Vac? Ready with empty tank.

    Stick knife into hump. The Niagara Falls of Pus!

  63. Sharon Steele says:

    That was incredible!

  64. OMG!!!!! It’s a good thing this video has music. Can you imagine the pain this person is experiencing with the pushing and poking. I sure as hell hope that they pumped him with IV antibiotics before sending him home.

  65. <—– Looking for a floor jack to help lift my jaw off the floor!!!
    Yup, that’s going on the favs list!!!
    Classic find and Congratulations on your first post Amir74!!!

  66. Chris McCoy says:

    Get thee behind me Satan! OMG!!!!

  67. Holy, freaken moly.

  68. How do i view on a android tablet? Any ideas? Thanks

    1. I had allot of trouble trying to view this one on my android tablet. I gave up and used my pc, and it worked right away.

  69. I hate these watery ones. Cheese I say, cheese!

  70. I am surprised no one was saying “Hang on a moment doc, while we get this flood under control and cleaned up.”

  71. Whoa, that was truly amazing.
    I bet he feels so much better after that.

  72. sick-obsessions says:

    Holy pussbuckets Backman!

  73. My first association was it looked like the chocolate milk I’m constantly wiping up at my job in an elementary cafeteria. Ew.
    Also, my 5 year old was worried she was gonna lose part of her tattoo and it would look weird. Aw.

  74. loss for words
    just hoping she is ok and on her way to recovery, wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.
    lady please feel better.

  75. OK…I’ve read all the comments and I think I couldn’t possibly add anything note-worthy…it’s pretty well been said.
    I just hope they gave this man a really nice sticker before they sent him home. (No pun intended!)

  76. peterpiperpicked says:

    Tsunami anyone?

  77. beenpoppinsincebeenpoppinsincebeenpoppin says:

    Shoulda coulda woulda brought a bucket!

  78. Wonder how bad that lot smelled??? Ewwwwwww………….

  79. No no no. Cheese, not watery pus.

  80. I believe this is the same video as http://www.popthatzit.com/2014/01/holy-mother-of-all-pus-rivers/ but this one is of much better quality ;-)

  81. i so love this one

  82. Infected Tattoo? Ouch is all I can say. Man, I would not have wanted to clean that room after that procedure. I imagine it was a mess. UCK!!!!!!

  83. Whales shouldn’t get tatoos.

  84. I’ve only see that much pus come out of farm animals! Wow!

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