Blackheads, Blackheads!

Just like Dr. Vikram Yadav, his friend Dr. Vinod Mishra also has a great fondness for extracting comedones – especially those absolutely fantastic, deep, large and numerous senile comedones! Ah, isn’t life grand… or should I say ‘Grano Grande’? tee hee!

We love our comedone extracting doctors!!!!!!


YT Commentary:
“This is yet another blackhead extraction from nose video, there are a lot of comedones on the nose of the patient. Not all the extractions could be recorded.”

RUNTIME: 2min 33sec

TITLE: “Blackheads Nose Extractions”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 16, 2013 by Vinod Mishra

41 Comments on “Blackheads, Blackheads!

  1. wow, great vid, Poppy! I so enjoy the doctors’ video’s. we are fortunate to have so many great doc’s who post their work!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Especially doctors that aren’t hand-tied by HIPPA …..

  2. Just 2-1/2 minutes? Good lord, you could at least spend an hour digging out this awesome minefield. Oh, what I’d give to get my hands on that.
    That nose was loaded to the max, what a great job these people have.

    1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

      ^This! I needed to see a few more minutes, and know that the job had been completed.

  3. And I’m curious how a biore strip would do on a nose like this…just think about it. You could pull out a complete forrest of black heads.
    Please send us a part 2, 3 etc. because this nose was far from finished.
    Black heads like these are just an addiction, my favorite part on PTZ.

    1. I think some of those BH’s wouldn’t respond to a Biore strip because they’re too old, too large and too deep rooted.

      1. EasyPeasyCheesySqueezy says:

        True, but wouldn’t it be fun to try? :-D

      2. justsqueezit says:

        If Biore can’t do it, there is always duct tape – only done by the willing individuals that don’t mind losing the epidermis and a few nerves or two…

      3. Justsqueezit —- “Yep, get ‘er done!!!”

    2. wobblerlorri says:

      Ooooo I was just wondering about that. It would be truly epic!

  4. Come(un)done says:

    This guy’s nose is indeed a gold mine of awesome comedones, but I enjoy Dr Yadav’s technique a lot more. Like how he leaves all the popped out ones just laying there. Also, it seemed to me that Dr Mishra needed to push harder…found myself grating my teeth when he pushed and nothing came out…

  5. Wouldn’t using steam open up the pores thus make the doc’s job easier?

  6. Im sorry, Im sure I will get some flack about my comments, but I have to say “He is no Dr Yadav” !! I appreciate everyone’s submissions, but this video was chopped up and edited wrong. That face was a goldmine and as soon as he would pop one, he didn’t follow thru, it was cut off and new shot of the face. You barely saw the BH come out when he was onto something else in a new frame. Dr Y pops BH’s in one continuous shot, from 1 BH to the next without edit. Maybe this Dr is new at videoing and will get better as time goes on. There were some great pops there, just didn’t get to see them long enough.

    1. He did have some nice close-ups……….

    2. OMG…finish at least one! S
      o glad to have these videos, but they so offend my anal retentiveness because so few are completely removed! Arg-g-g-g!

    3. Yeah, but, gotta love the super slo-mo.

  7. good lord that big one just laughed at the extractor! many thanks to the good doctor! and one does wonder what degree is required for this….

  8. What patience to sit and evacuate endless number of comedons, ancient black heads. The person must literally feel like a new man when they are finished.

  9. Man, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on a nose like THAT! I have good strong nails and big fingers, and I could grab several blackheads at once and squeeze them all at the same time and kill many birds with one stone! I could get SO many blackheads out all at one time! I would have this man’s nose cleared out in NO TIME! This would be a dream come true! Ohhh! I wish I could find somebody with a nose like this. *Sigh*

    1. Exactly fraulein. I wouldn’t mess with that tool. When you’ve got that many the fingers work best.

      1. HA! I just saw your comment. You betchya. That tool is a WASTE! Fingers and nails. That’s all you need. :D

    2. That’s what I was thinking. If he just squeezed, he’d get 40 at a time. Maybe he’s paid by the hour.

      1. HAHA! Good point. I guess that would makes sense. If the Dr. is paid by the hour, perhaps that’s why he’s dragging it out! That would be just torture for me. I’d have that nose cleaned out in NO time.

  10. justsqueezit says:

    A good start to this doc’s career on PTZ! Must say I prefer the loop, as you get to see all the action. And a shout out to Dr. M, since he doesn’t feel he has to talk every second this is going on!

    1. I agree about the loop.

  11. I think it go’s without saying that all of us that hold a special place in our hearts for blackheads would love to get our hands on that face.
    my god there was one BH that I didn’t see popped that I will dream about for weeks. in the PTZ world there is a group of folks like myself that love the BH’s you know who you are, yes I could have watched 2 hours of popping that face. hope to see that face with millions of empty holes

  12. oh BTW did you notice that gigantic hole on the tip of this guys nose, man that must have been the mother of a BH’s to leave such a hole.

    1. There were at least three such moon craters.

  13. Aaaaagggghhhhhh! Repeat: Aaaagggghhhhhh!

    This has SOOOOO much more potential.

    In my daydreaming about how much better/longer this video could be, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like the ‘Poplympics’ with different competition categories:

    – Shooters or Mirror Splatterers could be in the Speed Events category, with the MPH speed of the shooting pus clocked professionally.

    – Blackheads and comedones could be in the Rhythmic Gymnastics category, with their shape determining the kind of event: Round comedones would be the Ball apparatus; cylindrical and straight would be Clubs; stringy and straight would be Rope; stringy and curly, Ribbon; and if you use an extractor tool, well, that would be Hoop, of course.

    – Team sports could be Backyard or Poolside Popping, where everyone gets in on the action. Oh–and doping would NEVER be an issue: People could drink while popping (LOL).

    – And the biggest sebaceous cysts, well those would make up the Winter Poplympics, of course, because their bump and incline are reminiscent of the slopes, and their payload of beautiful, fresh, white snow.

    – And botflies would be “Popquestrian Sports.” LOL

    1. You have an incredible imagination!lol

      1. Thank you, Robin.

    2. I empathize with you Lou-Pus. But I stop complaining about how short Doc vids are, I’m just happy now that he always put something good up to keep us always feening for more.

    3. Hilarious, truly hilarious!

  14. Great video! His vidoes are THE BEST!!!

  15. Yeah, very nice, like a coitus interruptus.

  16. BoogerKing says:

    how could this NOT get a 5-star rating?

    1. comedoness says:

      I wonder that myself.

  17. comedoness says:

    LIKE this video?!? I’m in LOVE!
    More, please, more!!

  18. omg, i wouldn’t know where to start……..

  19. If it was longer, I could just kick back with a nice cigar, a bucket full of cold beers & watch this like if it was a new sport.


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