The Sebaceous Mole Cyst – Dissected!

Dr. Sankaqm has yet again provided us with a wonderful look inside a recently removed/excised intact sebaceous cyst. This one has the distinction of having a large, dark mole attached to the elliptical cut around the punctum… does he mention if the punctum was part of the mole? Oh well, I guess the patient got a two-fer special! And we get the payload express… ah, the world is a wonderfully pustulant place to live, at least for us Popologists! ;) Have fun with this little treat, my Cysters and Blisters! Really, simply a sumthin’ sumthin’ to pass the time on a dreary and for some -* HOT!* Monday afternoon.


~ Surgical Procedure ~
Previously Extracted Cyst Dissected
May Contain Disturbing Contents
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

YT Commentary:
“This Big Sebaceous Cyst was removed under local anesthesia.This was removed completely without damage.
The sebaceous cyst was out intact with the punctum with skin around and an adjacent black mole.
I opened this sebaceous cyst to see what it contains?
It appears soft , indicating liquid material inside the cyst.
On opening the sebaceous cyst , it shows full of pus inside.
This liquefied pus is infected .
But as it was removed without breaking the cyst wall, there is no chance of spread of infection to surrounding tissue.
The is also no chance of recurrence in this case as this sebaceous cyst was removed completely”


RUNTIME: 1min 04sec

TITLE: “Big Sebaceous Cyst – Full Of Pus Inside”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 15,2013 by sankaqm5

8 Comments on “The Sebaceous Mole Cyst – Dissected!

  1. Fascinating. I wish more videos would show cysts being dissected.

    How do you get one of these, anyway?

  2. That sucker still had enough pressure in it to be a shooter!!! Plus it had a pistachio colored pus mixed with the cheeze!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

    1. I jumped back when the pudding started flying!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Just like cutting into a ripe cherry tomato, only a different color…

  4. A haiku:

    Tapioca cyst:
    If a pearl could liquefy,
    It would look like you.

  5. May I just add erp with a side order of burp?

  6. Those are fairly soft when you think about it/easy to break. It takes skill to take it out intact like that! Well done, doc!

  7. wobblerlorri says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I may have shed a tear at the beauty and majesty of that glorious globule of goo…

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