Shoulder Geyser

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New poster here but a long time lurker!

I saw this beautiful little gem on YouTube – it looks pretty nasty but what a gush comes forth – I hope you enjoy it!

B xxx


YT Commentary:
“Muscling drugs. Learn alot from a dummy.”

RUNTIME: 2min 37sec

TITLE: “Wicked abscess”
YT INFO: Published on June 12,2013 by matt mcguire
NOTE: PTZ wishes to extend its concerns and empathy for those battling the dragon of addiction in any form. This video shows just one of the many consequences that can come from dangerous habits. Remember, you are not alone, and help is out there. ~ H.S.

35 Comments on “Shoulder Geyser

  1. Looks like he is using his shoulder/upper arm instead of his dick to take a pis. I would have that checked out, whatever it is.

  2. Holy crap, dude – get thee to a doctor!

    Awesome first post, B!

    1. needs to call a plumber

    2. Cheers! :D I was so nervous that I very nearly didn’t!

    3. Man you took the words right out of my mouth… some serious infections going on there… great post anyway.. sure kept my attention

  3. for some reason the video’s of popping zits wont play – and advise?

    1. Check out this link – it all depends on what browser you are using, what video player add-on you have, what you are trying to watch on (pad, laptop, iphone….) etc. We are optimized for Firefox, our video format is flv – Flash Player, and certain devices just don’t like PTZ.

      Good luck!
      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Hope that watch is “Pus Proof”…..

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      So let me understand this… There are a bunch of people giving me thumbs down because they hope the watch “ISN’T” Pus Proof?

      Wow, some of you people are a festering ________________ !
      (fill in as required)

  5. unclelarry says:

    Egads, that’s um, worrisome. Impressive payload but a nasty infection. I would get thee to ye old ER sooner than later. That said, excellent post Bhyrn. Welcome!

    1. Thanks ^_^ I’ve been here for years, I’ve got this unwholesome adoration of zits and popping them, and everyone else I know thinks I’m odd but, ah well!!! XD

      1. We don’t think you’re odd at all Bhryn ! You are one of us! WELCOME!!! Congrats on your first post. It was a doozy. It was squirting out like water from a hose. Sure hope this fella gets to a doctor soon. I think he needs some extra help with that one.

  6. This reminds me of the cow pus vids!!!
    I hope he has seen a doctor since this video was first posted!!!
    Excellent find and congratulations on your first post Bhryn!!!

    1. <3 thank you! I came across it and decided I MUST make an account finally to share it!

  7. cysticsister says:

    Look like a problem due to steroid use.

    1. Yes it does. Hope he gets help.

    2. blackheadmonger says:

      He said it was due to injecting heroin into his muscle, the guy needs several kinds of help!

      1. Oh, how sad. He does need help that I pray he is able to get.

  8. That looks a very bad infection. There already looks to be some tissue breakdown and the fact he didn’t seem to find it that painful concerns me as that could mean some necrotising has taken place.
    Sir in the video – get thee to a physician post haste!

  9. OH – BY – GOD !!! Steroids…

  10. invisible zipper says:

    Wow! Drop a coin in the fountain and make a wish.

  11. Gee bud, you got yourself an indoor water feature there.
    Best get to the doc, humans don’t leak like that. YIKES

  12. Hmmmm….that don’t look right.

  13. Oh My, I think I could feel the heat from that infection radiating out of the screen!

  14. wobblerlorri says:

    Lord, the redness alone would have had me in the ER getting that sucker drained. The things people will do to themselves…

  15. Oh, Good Lord! That thing needs a urinal!!

    And don’t let the dude into the mosh pit at a punk rock concert! LOL

  16. My jaw hit the floor at the opening shot of just SEEING the arm. Whoo-wee!!!! That boy needs an actual doctor, and NOT self-treating his own infection. On the other hand, can you imagine how much pressure was released when he drained that bad boy?????? I hope he is doing well and got the treatment he needed.

  17. Very cool, but I think he may need to go to the dr. Great pus though.

  18. prunesquallor says:

    I think the lesson I get from reading the comments concerning this vid, is things never look as bad to the person who has been living with this problem, as it does to the rest of us. It might be looked at as denial. On the other side of the coin, the fact he videoed his problem for all to see, could be construed as a cry for help.
    Sheesh. I think I have been reading too many psychology texts. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  19. Dude, get to the ER STAT!! A medical bill sucks but it’s better than losing your arm which could very well be a risk. We all love a good pop and it was but I’m sure that you want to live to see more videos on here and for many other reasons. Get that treated!!

  20. Wow, the things people do to…..look better??? Interesting to watch, but seriously I hope he got that taken care of and is just sticking to pumping iron now instead of pumping pus from his delt. Dang.

  21. holybejesis says:

    911 call 911. You’re gonna lose your arm, your lymph glands, and probbly some parts that you will miss.

  22. In the earlier comments someone mentioned Heroin, I was going to guess it was caused by steroid injections, you can get nice geysers from repeatedly injections steroids into the same spot over and over again. I think just goes to show injecting drugs regardless of what they are is bad mmmkay….

    1. That should saying Repeatedly Injecting, not injections…

      1. NMGAPAOH says:

        The other arm had injection site that had healed but scarred over. Again, please get help and get better.

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