Old Chair Gets Covered By Old, Stinky, Cyst Pus!

Old green chair, all cracked and faded, sitting on the lawn – is the perfect place to squeeze that hideously stinky sebaceous cyst on his back! Especially since it becomes rather explosive, sending out streaking bomblets of toxic flying pus! Yeah, exploding pus… that’s the good stuff.

Bring it on. Pop. Pop. More Popping!!! (oh, and make a bigger hole…. lol)



RUNTIME: 4min 52sec

TITLE: “Massive!!! Stinky ass cyst!!!!”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 5,2013 by Jose Nunez

18 Comments on “Old Chair Gets Covered By Old, Stinky, Cyst Pus!

  1. Such a nice chunky squirter to start this Friday morning off with. I like em like that !! Thanks for posting Diamondgirl…great find.

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I love formal garden parties ……….

  3. This is why every family needs a dad…moms don’t have enough hand strength! : ) Great vid though!!

  4. I love it an observer says to a true Popologist, “Wait, stop for a minute”. The true popper always replies. “No, there’s more!”

  5. @DiamondGirl, I hadn’t read your introduction until after I watched. And sure enough, I kept thinking, “You need to make a bigger hole! It needs a bigger hole!” Te-he-he-he. Sometimes when I’m puttering around the house putting stuff away, I will just mutter that to myself. That and “Okay? Superman, Go!!” My husband looks at me funny, but then again, so does everyone else. :)

    There were some super sweet squirts in there. Thanks for finding & sharing, DiamondGirl. That was one ripe cyst for sure!

    1. LMAO!!! He has the prettiest eyes! Thanks for reminding me of the phrase.

  6. Great find! However, the title should be “Old Chair gets Covered by That Shit”.

  7. “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it,”….. squeezes belong to mom. Still lots inside. See the landing strip little blackheads? Russ – your camera!!!

  8. Love those sub-machine gun shooter!!!
    Excellent find Diamondgirl!!!

  9. Pus, soft as an easy chair,
    Pus, fresh as the morning air,
    Warm pus that is shared by two,
    I have found with you…

    Like a rose under the April snow,
    I was certain that your zit would grow,
    Pus, ageless and yellow-green,
    Seldom seen by two…

    You and I will make each squeeze a first,
    Every squirt a beginning,
    Stringers rise and their dance is unrehearsed,
    They warm and excite us,
    ‘Cause we have the brightest

    Two zits that ooze as one,
    Morning glory and midnight sun,
    Pus we’ve learned to squeeze around,
    Pus won’t change the meaning of
    One squirt, ageless and ever,

    1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

      Dearest Lou-pus, you should be the United States Poet Laureate, I swear! And comedian of the year to boot! You never fail to bring a smile!

      1. Thank you, Deb, for the kind words. I love PTZ and it’s easy to get inspired. Your words and encouragement and thumbs up help. At least they let me know my silliness is appreciated.

  10. Thanks for another great post, diamondgirl. I think I almost landed on my head trying to follow the camera around. I really get involved.

  11. Another time where I just want to crawl into the video, shoo the poppers away and take over!
    I hate to sound like the old man from the famous video, but MAKE A BIGGER HOLE MAKE A BIGGER HOLE!!! LOL

  12. justsqueezit says:

    Yes, I need to add to my personals ad, “Must have large back cysts that can be filmed for PTZ exclusives.”

  13. Nice find DiamondGirl!

    I like those chunks, so i “must” captured a few frames from the nice eruption at 3:21, for the further analysis of course ;)
    If you like it too I uploaded those picture, and here are the links:
    picture 1
    picture 2
    picture 3
    picture 4

    I hope these tags for making links work in the way I’m used them on some other site.

    1. diamondgirl says:

      Love to watch these again and find something new. Lou (MAKE THE HOLE BIGGER) would love to know how important his phrase has become.

      A STAR IS BORN with that rendition of EVERGREEN (YellowGreen) Lou-Pus, Babs would be proud!! <3

      1. Thank you, DiamondGirl.

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