Nice Abscess – A PTZ Member Video!

Surgical Drainage of an Abscess
May Contain Fluids or Material Other than Pus
Such as Blood or Necrotic Tissue
Viewer Discretion Is Advised

This was recorded by me. A friend of mine had this on her arm. The doctor said it was most likely a bite of some kind. It is in two parts. Hope everyone enjoys!

~ joe ~
“Extreme BH”

YT Commentary:
“A friend has this on her arm tonight. We went to the ER and the decided to cut it open. Enjoy”

RUNTIME: 0min 48sec

YT Commentary:
“This is the second video, or Part 2, I uploaded. Here you will see the doctor stick the swab into the hole. Squeezes it and well… You’ll see!”

RUNTIME: 1min 55sec

TITLE: “Nice Abscess” & “Nice Abscess *2*”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 13,2012 by Extreme BH

5 Comments on “Nice Abscess – A PTZ Member Video!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s the second worst place to be bitten……….

  2. Remind me not to vacation in your neck of the woods Joe with Skeeters that dangerous there!!!
    Excellent post Joe!!!

  3. Dangerous place to have a scapal.

  4. The first thing I thought was “is that right on the pit vein? (I think that’s what its called…in the bend of the elbow) That is soo scary and a dangerous place…should only be done by a very skilled doctor. This is definitely not a DIY kind of thing. I live in the country and the bugs we have here are enormous. I feed a stray for years now and the other morning early I opened the door to give him fresh water and food and saw a bug in his water that looked like a volkswagon! (sp?) It was shaped like a dome and as big as the palm of my hand. YUK !! Im always scared of getting bit by something. I stay in at night. LOL

  5. Scary bite, Joe. I hope it healed up well.

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