Joe’s “Big Bad Blackhead” – A PTZ Member Exclusive!


Joe (aka on YT – “Extreme BH”) is setting forth on a quest to document the extraction of many, many, many… ok, let’s just say ‘numerous!’, blackheads from there deeply seated homes. These are very reluctant blackheads – I don’t know if they are camera shy or just happy in the homes they have lived in for many years. Either one is an understandable reason for being resistant…

“There are small ones, big ones, tucked into crease ones.
We’ve got single, and double, even triple accessed ones.
You’ll see squeezing, you’ll watch pushing, pondering and picking.
Popping, peering, poking and prying –
hey, they’re definitely trying!
Oh, the blackheads you’ll see, to be extracted with glee.
But some will be stubborn, recalcitrant, just plain difficult,
But Popologists can be patient
Especially when a Popper is dedicated to Blackhead Abatement!”

We are thrilled to have joe embarking on this endeavor to provide us with a grand amount of blackhead entertainment. Like anyone just starting out, there is a learning curve and things will get even better as we are honored to view more of his beautiful documenting of one of Popology’s greatest events… the Comedone Extraction. Thanks again, joe, for this lovey extraction – and here is to many more videos to come!

and now (drum roll ad all that jazz) on with the show…


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13 Comments on “Joe’s “Big Bad Blackhead” – A PTZ Member Exclusive!

  1. LOVED the vid but you forgot the other one. Great job :)

  2. Sweet!!!
    Excellent post Joe!!!

    1. Thanks! Many more to come!!!!

    2. Thanks! Many more to come!!!!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Truly one of us…..


  4. Pimple popping patch!!! More videos in the making!

  5. ahhhhhh, he had MORE!!!!!!!

  6. MORE!! MORE!! MORE!!

  7. Joe, you and your lovely wife are on a great roll! How fortunate for us!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. I’m sorry but whom ever shot this really needs to learn how to use a friggin camera..

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