Clean and Efficient Cyst Removal

Small, but nice payload cyst removed from back. Pus and sack removed.

Surgical Procedure: Cyst Removal
Utilizing Laser Method
Viewer Discretion Is Mildly Advised.


RUNTIME: 2min 28sec

TITLE: “Scarless & painless removal of cyst by Dr Bhutada”
YT INFO: Uploaded on Feb 25,2013 by Dr Bhutada

12 Comments on “Clean and Efficient Cyst Removal

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Nice sac removal complete with “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood” background music…..

    1. Can’t beat the classics when it come to the music!!!

      1. Hey Doc, how about the Captain Kangaroo theme for the next video!!!

      2. Tully, there weren’t any words to the Captain’s theme song, were there? I loved his show. :)

  2. I like this procedure, but it’s too darn neat!!!
    Excellent find Maloralw

  3. BigTull, the animal ones get messy, but it’s nice to see a neat and tidy sac removal once in a while as well!! Thanks to maloralw.

  4. Great how it just twisted right out!

  5. Just perfect <3

  6. The soundtrack should be called “Innocence is zit,” or something like that. It’s sooo soothing–and so is popping.

  7. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    These middle eastern docs are hysterical with their awful spelling and worse grammar and silly music, that’s why I love them so!

  8. I loved it, the music reminded me of grade school film strips in class.
    And this lady had some mad skills. Pop, squeeze, and pull.
    Job well done.

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