Calcific Tendonitis – New Cheese Source!

A new and interesting source of cheese! Hope you enjoy!! ~ JiffyPop

YT Commentary:
“Calcific tendinitis is a disorder characterized by deposits of hydroxyapatite (a crystalline calcium phosphate) in any tendon of the body, but most commonly in the tendons of the rotator cuff (shoulder), causing pain and inflammation.”

RUNTIME: 2min 26sec

TITLE: “Calcific Tendonitis- Dr. Albert Diaz Shoulder Surgeon Danbury CT”
YT INFO: Posted on May 3o,2009 by Albert Diaz

16 Comments on “Calcific Tendonitis – New Cheese Source!

  1. Very different, yet satisfying!!

  2. I had this surgery done on my right shoulder in 1998. I have 3-4 inch scar were the surgery was done.
    My Dr. said my calcium deposit was the size of a man’s thumb. Then end of my collar bone was calcified too. He took about a 1/2 inch off of it.
    I am sure with such a less invasive surgery this patient will heal much faster and may not need 3 months of PT.

  3. Close-up and in HD!!! Couldn’t ask for better seats!!!
    Classic find jiffypop!!!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    There is nowhere that goo can hide from a zit sniffing camera….

  5. comedoness says:

    Wow, great find! Fascinating, and great cheese!


  7. Cal-ZIT-fied, indeed!

    Definite fun! Great fun

  8. Simply amazing!

  9. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Wow! Where does the cheese go, just flat around? Can’t vacuum it out or all the flood would go too! So many questions!

    This was excellent, who woulda thought calcified deposits would look just like our favorite gack? Now I can watch a ton of THOSE videos! Yeeeeehaw!

    Most excellent, @jiffypop!

    Aye chihuahua aby!

    Deb p

  10. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Float not flat grrrrrr autospellfx

  11. This is the tofu popper compared to our usual boston creme! Is this what comes from taking all those calcium supplements? ;-)

  12. poppy popperson says:

    It looked like some sort of underwater creature.

    1. Harvest of some kind of new seed pearl.

  13. Colgate or Crest?

  14. popitlikeitshot says:

    Interesting! Great new find!!

  15. Awesome O.O And a great HD video!

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