Headbump Pus Pop! *Alt Version Added*

Seems like a never-ending lump of pus grew on this person’s noggin. Squeeze it like you mean it! At least the hole seemed big enough, lol!

:) :) :)


*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

“What comes out of a cyst on your head when it gets opened up?
Massive head bump (cyst) explosion….it didn’t really explode, it was cut open. This is just nasty, disgusting and not for anyone that might have a weak tummy.
Can’t stand the sight of blood & puss? Don’t watch this!
From the beginning it actually took about 5 minutes to get everything out of this thing.”

RUNTIME: 2min 56sec

TITLE: “Big Nasty Cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 12,2013 by mizz6633

“I left the sound on this time, it’s more fun to hear what’s going on. I had this big nasty, itchy, painful cyst on my head. It started out like a little pimple and grew over time and was half the size of a golf ball. I tried hiding it but the bigger it got, the harder it was to hide. It started looking like a horn was growing and I was turning into a unicorn! I couldn’t take it anymore and when my son volunteered to cut it open for me, I told him to do it and he couldn’t back out at the last minute, either……amazing what was hidden inside!!”

RUNTIME: 3min 53sec

TITLE: “Cyst on my head…..”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 22,2013 by mizz6633

24 Comments on “Headbump Pus Pop! *Alt Version Added*

  1. Tater Face says:

    This is one of the reasons that barbers keep their combs and scissors in the glass jar filled with the translucent blue disinfectant solution in between customers.

  2. That cyst has payload to spare, it can’t be finished!!!
    Excellent find justsqueezit!!!

  3. Good golly, Miss Molly!!! It appears that this is one of the largest head bumps that I have ever seen. I almost expected little cracker jack toys and Monopoly markers to start squirting out. I do believe that not everything was removed from this monster and that we may see an encore. Thanks for the post, JSI.

  4. Why did the woman dye her roots grey? Do you think this may have exacerbated the cyst?

    1. shampoohorns says:

      Well, I’m not a cosmetician, but I’ve known a few. She dyes her hair blonde, the grey that you see is the growth that is not dyed, my little urchin.

      1. I stand corrected. Would never have thought of that. My tongue feels odd – must have kept it in my cheek too long.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    She was wearing a blindfold. I wonder if they gave her a last cigarette?

    1. shampoohorns says:

      She evidently thought it was going to be a river of goo coming out. Or better yet… maybe she’s in the witness protection program?!?!?!? It *was* a nice little video for a leisurely Sunday afternoon!

      1. ROTFLMAO. Tis is an expression that you don’t often hear and this is the second time today. I had major abdominal surgery and have only been home from the hospital for a week – after 3 weeks in the hospital. I have a home care nurse coming daily to change the dressing and put in packing. As it is the weekend, I had a different nurse today. She phoned and told me that she would be at my place as soon as she could find it. When I asked where she was and she told me, it turned out that she was only about 2 blocks away. The complex that I live in is only a few years old and many people have difficulty finding it. I gave her very explicit instructions how to reach my apartment and she replied with ”Are you in a witness protection program?” When she arrived – within a couple of minutes, she kept me in stitches the entire time that she was here. She was as good as most stand up comics. They say that laughter is the best medicine and she certainly proved it.

      2. Pusareus, I hope you’re healing well then! It does not sound like you’ve had a very fun month or so. Good to hear that the nurse was able to bring you some good mental health too.

        Your story made me remember – the comedian/actress Bonnie Hunt was a nurse before she went into comedy. She worked at the hospital at Northwestern U here in Chicago and then either as a home nurse, like the lady you saw today, or in a longterm care facility, I cannot remember which. But she had a patient who thought she was just the funniest person and convinced her to pursue comedy. She switched sides of the medical aisle to comedy, maybe your nurse will too! :)

    2. mrtasteless says:

      Lol… The guy popping was like gonzo from the muppets… smearing pus everywhere and pinching like there was no tomorrow. I was expecting him to roar like KONG.

  6. She will be back since the sac is still in there.

  7. -Hey, you idiot! You have your head full of pus!!
    -Yes, I have :(
    -Oh, I`m sorry. .. let me help you


    1. Now that is the way that is done…..That was a fully loaded cheese head!!

  9. Gotta love those head ones with the copious multicoloured, lumpy surprises ;-)

  10. anyone have a towel I can use

  11. justsqueezit, thanks for the great post. It was nice to watch one where I didn’t have to worry if the patient was gonna survive.

  12. Pus Junkie says:

    That was just so friggin’ awesome!! I need a cigarette…Ahhh

  13. I LOVEEE this one!!!

  14. That was a well packed lump! I believe she’ll be back indeed. Her son did a fantastic work of the cyst. He was giving only good hard, effective squeezes. Very nice. Extra wiping when the cyst/pimple/boil is in the middle of hair like that is understandable, IMHO. I don’t think he rose to the level of hyper wiper, close, but not quite there.

    All in all, I lovely, lovely cyst drain. Hopin’ for part 2! Thanks so much, @justsqueezeit.

  15. sabeth17 says:

    Good one!!!

  16. Tater Face says:

    I believe I saw part of her piano lessons come out.

  17. NMGAPAOH says:

    Now they need to use kitchen tongs to pull out the sac!

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