Facial Sebaceous Cyst Excised – No Scar

Really fascinating, new technique for cyst removal without incision or scarring. However, we still get to see lots of cheese! It looked liked he got the sac *first*. Rather like the tablecloth trick where you yank a tablecloth from underneath a fully set table.

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Involve Blood, Necrosis, or Other Disturbing Contents
Also May Contain Loud Noises of Discomfort or Pain
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
**** WARNING! ****

“Sebaceous Cyst Removal in the face without incision.”

RUNTIME: 2min 04sec

TITLE: “Scar Free Sebaceous Cyst Removal (HD)”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 23,2013 by Badawy Halima

58 Comments on “Facial Sebaceous Cyst Excised – No Scar

  1. pusareus says:

    What an interesting way to remove a sebaceous cyst. Amazing amount of “stuff” removed from such a tiny opening. If it heals without a scar, as he says it will, then this technique should be taught in med schools around the world. I wish that the doctor would post of photo of the cyst after it has healed.

  2. that was neat. Still got to see the sebaceous material and that “pop”. Good find :)

  3. popper01 says:

    I thought it was cool the way he was pulling out the sack through that little hole and I wasn’t expecting the SPLURG! that shot out when he squeezed it.
    I was also wondering why this dude was afraid of a small scar at this point in his life.
    Very cool video

    1. squeasel says:

      Why would the “point in his life” factor into a desire not to have a scar on his face?

      1. because he is kind of an old dude!

      2. why grey out my comment? C’mon man!!!

      3. OozeLover says:

        I saw this comment and wasn’t surprised, watching the video my quick and blunt brain wondered, ‘why worry about one more scar given the current quantity.’ My prime and proper and always slightly slower brain jumped in with, ‘regardless of having 1 scar or hundreds, what’s wrong with someone not wanting another?’ To this, my sceptical side jumped in with, ‘yes, but it’s great advertizing because it shows the viewer how bad things could get without this technique. Really I think this does have a lot more impact than watching the same technique on a beauty model would have (not that a beauty model would let a camera near them with a cyst on their face)’
        Anyways, the rest of the voices are bitching about being hungry, a sore back, DIY needing done downstairs, tidying needing done upstairs,…. so I’m off….

    2. Maybe the doctor was using this as an instructional video and the man was the best option to show the technique.

    3. tessiemay says:

      Vanity never dies :-)

    4. tessiemay says:

      I think as you age, you will realize that most people don’t want to seem as old as they really are. Plastic surgeons and expensive face creams make a lot of money due to that common desire-eternal youth! Even older people like looking their best-and will spend significant sums of money to do that.

      1. Also, I am going to point out that this man is from Dubai (sp?) Men in Dubai on typically very very wealthy, very very muslim and very much aware that they are allowed younger prettier women even if they are married. Not saying that is the case here, just saying that IF that is the case here, then I wouldn’t want to purdy up my geriatric face with a scare either! ; )

  4. floradestroya says:

    I love the doctor’s twitch when the gooey popped out.

    1. tessiemay says:

      If you look closely, it seems that pop had the rest of the sac at the beginning and a little pus left in the pore behind it. You can usually tell when they wipe the white stuff and it doesn’t wipe off that it’s part of the sac.

  5. popper01 says:

    Oh yes and I also think the doctor was caught off guard by the explosion you can watch his hands jerk when it explodes.

  6. That payload at the end was fantastic! Such a great video!

  7. unclelarry says:

    That was great! Slicker than greased monkey snot on a steel pump handle. I was not expecting that splurch towards the end. I don’t believe the doc was expecting it either. Beautiful find squeezer.

    1. unclelarry says:

      Oh, and the music was nice too.

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        That music was “Love is blue” by Paul Mauriat. It was his rendition of an Andre Popp’s original.
        It is Mrs PTP and my “our song” …..

        *Warm and fuzzy tears puddle in our eyes when we hear it together*

        But, if I showed this video to her, I would have warm, fuzzy, wet, bloody, black and blue eyes.

      2. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

        Ahhhh we are showing our age, that was the song that was popular when I was a teenager and madly in love with my first real boyfriend…our song was “so happy together” by the turtles…

        us baby boomers are gettin up there aren’t we…

        That pop was just beyootifl just the way I love em, splurching bet it even made a nice slurchy sound too…

        Too funny PTP
        Yeah that music really did not go with that zit,huh? Too funny

      3. I think I was 12 when that was a hit!!!

      4. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

        Haha thanks BT that made my day…gettin older than dirt!

      5. shampoohorns says:

        L’Amour Est Bleu I was 7, and I insisted on playing it for my violin recital. I thought I was pretty hot sheiße back then, in my little dirndl and blonde braids and sky bleu ribbons. I didn’t know what a sebaceous cyst was back then… Didn’t care because I played l’amour est bleu without puking on stage.

        Loved this technique! He should be an obstetrician with those moves.

      6. Greensleeves? Played it in a piano recital when I was 10 years old. Oh btw, very nice find Squeezer! Couldn’t have been better!!

    2. MistressOfSqueeze says:

      Slicker’ n deer guts on a doorknob…. Too cool.

  8. WOW! That was awesome. Love it.

  9. Wowzers…that was mighty satisfying…thank you, Squeezer!

  10. That was the first I seen the sac come out first before pus… Good show Squeezer!

  11. yankeedoodlepus says:

    That was an excellent video.

  12. Spectacular! Great post, Squeezer!

  13. Killer technique this doctor has!!! I hope we get to see more videos from him!!!
    Excellent find squeezer!!!

    1. I was wondering what the size limit would be, as far as how large a cyst the doc could remove with this procedure?

  14. That’s one of the most prodigious drainings I’ve ever seen. Great post!


  16. @squeezer, this is one of my mostest favortists in a long time! Thanks so much. I love something new, and I *adore* splatty splert-squirts like that. <3 Swoon. Thanks again!

    Do you guys remember this one, with the esthetician who plucked at the pore to get the sac out then the cyst contents? I think that the doctor in the current video here that Squeezer brought us has perfected the esthetician's technique!

  17. san_marino says:

    I really like the music, may I know the name of it? Thanks!

    1. unclelarry says:

      “Love is Blue” by Paul Mauriat

  18. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    I don’t see how you couldn’t achieve the same result with a nice fat piercing needle 2 gauge maybe and getting the long skinny needlenoses or even needlenose pliers and executing the same moves. The first hole was tiny indeed but then the “mosquito forceps” opened it up quite a bit as needlenoses would. Whaddya all think? If I can ever talk my daughter into letting me at some of the small but luscious cysts on her back, I can try it out! Gawd I’m salivating over the thought of it…

  19. mrtasteless says:

    Nice technique and great payload. The man has skills…

  20. Splat factor 5. Quality technique too.

  21. That was pretty awesome. I wasn’t expecting the splat at all.

  22. NMGAPAOH says:

    I jumped too.

  23. Bipolar diathermy – Is that like manic depus-sion? If so, I think I have it!!!

    1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

      Haha yeah, maniacally pull out the capsule and squeeze like crazy then get depressed because by removing the capsule no more fun for you!

      Keep returning to this one, just LOVE that splat, it is truly amazing. Guy obviously has cystic acne so he’s just full-o-pus still!

  24. justsqueezit says:

    I think we could do this at home – fire up an old wood-burning set, some needle-nosed pliers, and back to the wood set for closure!

  25. VERY WELL DONE DOC !!!!!!!!! PEGGY

  26. Mr. McPimple says:

    The end was like getting one of those great prizes you got in the old (1960’s) Cracker Jack boxes!

  27. zittylover says:

    wow! this is the best extracting of cyst that I’ve seen on the web!
    everything is there!
    the sack, although the white keratin, pus … I’m just a little envious not to have known that about me! :)
    Thank you very much and masterly clap to the medecin

    1. diamondgirl says:

      Ewww your clapping comment reminds me of that scary movie called The Conjuring starting July 19. If you see the commercial, you will know what I am talking about. The clapping that is! *Runs around the room screaming!!!

  28. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Like to have this on an infinite loop!

  29. comedoness says:

    This video is amazing!

  30. zittylover says:

    look good this video, you will not find better on the web!
    Addict!! Addict!! ARRRrrghhh….
    5 stars!

  31. it looks sorta like a booger. is it a booger cyst?

  32. Yeah, I remember the music too. I’m on the very tail end of the boom.

    What I really wanted to say is…I love the term “debulking”.

  33. diamondgirl says:

    Awesome find Squeezer!! This one is going in my favs and should win an award for 2013 in my opinion!!

    Camera was perfect, music blasted me back to a beautiful era and the man with the awesomely big Italiano Shnozzola still looks as handsome as ever and the beast is gone!! It is a good day in the USA!!

    :) :) :)

  34. Can you imagine the pain from the pressure that bad boy was causing? That sharp pain that lets you know there’s a load of pus waiting to be expelled.

  35. weroniqque says:

    omg this music :D

  36. Not bad at all!

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