BigTull Presents: “Fungus!”

BigTull Presents: Drtbaluent’s

Another case of fungal infection of the sinuses, with great big chunks of nastiness scooped out from the patient’s nostril. Probably to the patient’s grateful relief as I cannot imagine breathing was neither easy nor comfortable with all that gunk clogging up the works! We’re just grateful to see it dragged out of the nostril – for some reason it makes these videos all the more fun if you see it completely removed ENJOY!

YT Commentary:
“This video clipping shows fugal mass being removed from nasal cavity. Ring curette is being used to remove the mass.”

RUNTIME: 4min 30sec

TITLE: “fungus”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 5,2012 by drtbaluent

10 Comments on “BigTull Presents: “Fungus!”

  1. NMGAPAOH says:

    That was a huge blockage! Hope she is doing much better.

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    Amazing video! I can’t believe how much junk came out of that nose!! I would never get tired of my job if I could do this all day long! I’ll bet the patient felt a world of relief!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:


    Thanx BT

  4. faapilot says:

    You sure that wasn’t brain matter being removed?…yuck

  5. justsqueezit says:

    Oooooo, that looked like brains!
    Seriously, are you sure they weren’t doing a massive frontal lobotomy?
    Way cool find….

  6. debivc78 says:

    That has GOT to feel so unreal when the huge chunks are pulled out! I really really hope they would numb you up somehow for this procedure.
    I have a sinus headache now.

  7. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

    Wow. The patient HAS to be under general, right?

    I had a persistent sinus infection a few months back – would come and go, flair up and then chill out. Did have a brief flash of hypochondria where I was convinced I might have fungal sinusitis!

  8. its odd but it seems almost all these nose fungus videos are from india. has anyone seen one from the US or Europe? Does it have something to do with their climate?

      This is from HawkeMD on YT. Dr. Hawke’s practice is in Toronto.

  9. Professional nose-picking:) One can imagine how good this guy felt after this procedure!

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