Best Pimple (BTE) Pop Ever!

Unfortunately, this guy didn’t have somebody filming this but I think he didn’t have a chance to. Great BTE squirting all over for BTE afficiandos .

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RUNTIME: 2min 19sec

TITLE: “Best pimple pop ever”
YT INFO: Published on May 3,2013 by 10508201

22 Comments on “Best Pimple (BTE) Pop Ever!

  1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Ooooooh YESSSSSSS this was very satisfying, even with the video errors. What a monstah! Didn’t listen so don’t know if it made noise. Nice-n-Juicy! LOVELY!!! Thank you @Squeezer excellent find! A 5 star for me. Love dem BTEs!!!!!

    Aye chihuahua! Pop on peepul!

    Deb p aka @lovesalsa

  2. ultraworld says:

    He hit oil!

  3. unclelarry says:

    That was GLORIOUS! I would leave it on the mirror as a trophy and charge admission to see it. (Does that make me weird?) Fantastic find Squeezer!

    1. I’d pay the admission!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Although quite rare, conversation overload glands develop in the youth as well.
    Here we see a case where the patient listens to too much “Rap” music. As a result, he is infected by the “Audio Wasting Foulness Unloading Liquid” or as it is known in the medical profession as just plain AWFUL.

    1. unclelarry says:

      You crack me up @Pick_That_Puppy.

    2. TFF but TRUE!!!

  5. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Great Video Squeezer!!

    Great Comment PTP as usual!

  6. Now this brings back memories of my own ear cyst, just like his mine was as fat and tight as that mammer jammer…..his ear lobe looked like an old deflated balloon.
    his just SPLURPED out onto the mirror, mine on the other hand had a smaller exit hole so as I squezzed it the pus mixed with blood SPRAYED all over the bathroom mirror I don’t think there was a sq. inch that was not covered on that mirror….it was glorious I still think of it fondly from time to time.

    1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

      Ahhhhhhhh memories…

    2. That story was beautiful, man!

  7. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    How the freak do they let them get that big?!?

  8. Thanks for the pop, dude. It was like, nice, dude. (Insert more dudes)

  9. This was really gr……………………………………………………………………..reat….

  10. 3cysterscafe says:

    Ahhhh dude! That was amazing dude! Pretty sick lookin at the same time dude! Still hurts like….. Yeah……. Dude!!

    Great video & post Squeezer! Thank you……….dude! Lol

  11. BTE rules!

  12. All the self-referential camera and mirror work made me think of one thing:

    “The Pustule of Dorian Gray.”

  13. pashion4popin says:

    i would pay 2 pop 1 of these! better yet i’d get 1 implanted if it were possible -ha!

  14. Ryu_Hirakashi says:

    This was good, but the popper was annoying.

  15. I’ll tell you what’s effin nasty dude: When people use their TOWELS to clean the pus up then throw em in the wash with all the other towels. Blech

  16. Zit Obsessed says:

    He sure knows how to swear and say “dude”! I am glad he filmed it and posted it so we could have it here at PTZ. But next time, dude, use a ping pong ball or a small ball in front of the ear and pop the back hard. Boom! Everything should squirt out at one time. Just a suggestion my friend, dude. (My sense of humur, dude.)

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