Return of the Evil E Cyst!

!!!! WARNING !!!!
Surgical Removal of Large Hydatid Cyst
Located Within the Human Brain
May Be Considered Too Graphic for Some
Viewer Discretion Advised!
!!!! WARNING !!!!

A return attack of the evil E wormies – invading the brain and setting up shop in the form of a large cyst.

WIKI!!!! :)

:) :) :)

“Հատվածներ Հայաստանի գլխավոր նյարդավիրաբույժ, բժշկական գիտությունների դոկտոր-պրոֆեսոր Մամիկոն Եղունյանի կողմից կատարված գլխուղեղի էխինոկոկի վիրահատություններից:”

(Obviously rough!)”Parts of Armenia’s neurosurgeon, medical sciences, professor Mamikon Yeghunyani ekhinokoki operations carried out by the brain.”

RUNTIME: 6min 56sec

TITLE: “Brain echinococcus surgeries of doctor Mamikon Eghunyan”
YT INFO: Posted on May 3,2012 by Doctorsamofficial

32 Comments on “Return of the Evil E Cyst!

  1. That first one was big, but the second was massive!! I bet the patients have major relief now.

  2. That was like zombie porn with all the exposed brains.

  3. That was beyond impressive. I cannot imagine that the patient wouldn’t feel relief from that!

    Wow, what a post – I’ve never seen anything like it in the brain! Thank you1

  4. justsqueezit, I was so enthralled I didn’t notice that the second one came from a different patient. Thanks so much for your efforts.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I was impressed when I saw a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. This is a Zillion times better than that!

    I think we need to give around of 5 Star applause to justsqueezit for finding this one!

    Good stuff!

  6. So is this a hydatid cyst in the brain? Usually we have only seen these in the liver, (on PTZ I mean) right? They were freaking huge!!! And to think of all the millions and gazillions of parasite worms inside them just dying to get out of those sacs!! EEEEEW!!! This was an awesome post! I loved it! Thanks!!!

  7. I am gobsmacked!
    How is this poor person still alive with something that big inside their head?
    The body can truly be an amazing thing.

    1. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

      I ask that question constantly on this site!

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Politicians are alive and they have nothing in their heads.

      1. PTP, you made me laugh out loud!! Clever comment!!

      2. best saying of the century!!!!! lol

  8. That’s gotta be nerve wracking for the doctors not to bust those cyst!!! I hope the patients had a speedy recovery!!!
    Classic find justsqueezit!!!

  9. My god that was the most tense moments, watching those thin membrained cysts, full of worms and eggs I assume, that if broke, would get those parasites (I assume the kind from undercooked pork?) all in the patients brain which would be too much to fix, leaving the patient infected forever, and probably soon vegatative and dead. Wow, and it looked SO delicate! The most tension filled film I’ve seen on here!

    1. Yes, I was holding my breath, thinking “Oh PLZ don’t let that thing rupture!” and “OMG, look at that brain crater it caused!” The patient literally had the entire right side of his/her skull removed to get at that behemoth!!!! I hope the patient recovered with as little affect as possible. WOW! Not very often I’m left in awe from what I view on this site but that was phenomenal!

  10. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Judas Priest! My sinus headache today is NOTHING compared to this.

    I hope the patients recovered well and are back amongst the living.

  11. ultraworld says:

    I was gobsmacked at the conditions those surgeons had to work in. Did you see those walls?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, the theatre looked like a breeding ground for Golden Staphylococcus and a myriad of other nasty bugs and germs floating around. Look very similar to an old kitchen in a psychiatric hospital I was employed at. Pretty grim when the place looks medieval and the cleaner was standing at the doorway checking things out lol

  12. First thing; that doctor needs to get a statue!
    Second; the cyst was huge, uuhhh, very huge!
    But that doctor did such a great job here. It’s the hardest place for a surgery. And this isn’t a big hospital. Look at the walls; the tiles on the wall are not placed that well. And that’s why i have the most respect for this doctor.

    Now for a little fun; the cyst looked just like a breast implant.
    Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to offend anybody. But, if you look at this cyst and a picture of a breast implant, you’ll see what i mean.

    I thought it was just a tiny cyst, but when it came out, my jaw dropped on the floor and my eyes popped out. Hope that the patient had a full recovery.

  13. mrtasteless says:

    Wow… that second one was incredible! Amazing footage…

  14. I don’t understand how the patient could be anything but a vegetable aft having those things growing in his skull regardless of the surgeons skills.

    Did you notice the condition of that OR? All the tiles missing from the wall in what should be the most sterile of settings.

  15. These Hydatid Cysts in the brain fascinate the hell out of me! Looks like a brain giving birth. I wonder if any ever ruptured? I never seen a video of a Hydatid Cyst rupturing. If any of you have please post…
    Nice find!

  16. The patient must feel lightheaded after an operation like that.

    1. Popthatpus says:

      Wompwompwompwooooomp (trumpet with a wa-wa mute sounds)

  17. shampoohorns says:

    That was amazing! You could tell the surgeon was very nervous about accidentally rupturing the cysts. I’ve seldom seen neurosurgeons with nervous hand shaking like that. Simply amazing. Well done! Hope the patient(s) recovery went well

    1. I think I remember reading that all the people in the operating room are pretty nervous with a potential hydatid cyst accidentally rupturing because of the extremely large number of parasites (millions and millions) that could escape into the immediate operating room area and the potential for cross infection to staff and also further contamination to the patient (it could occur maybe through breathing or touch…I’m not real sure here). Can anyone else elaborate on this topic? Am I totally wrong?

  18. prunesquallor says:

    My Gosh. I can’t imagine how tedious that operation must have been. One slip, and that thin membrane would have ruptured, spilling that liquid all over the patients brain. I suppose this is why they get the big bucks. His neck and shoulders must have been knotted and aching from trying not to move too fast. Thank goodness for surgeons with the skills to be able to help those that are afflicted with these monsters.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  19. What was inside it? Some sort of brain fluid? Anyone know what is inside these sort of cysts?

    1. parasytes!!! Worms!!

    2. i think tapeworms or hookworms

  20. super migranes!!

  21. I found myself repeating over and over again: “Please use water please use water please use water!” The water and catheter approach is what I have always seen in these and it seems to work. Maybe he had a reason not to, but that pulling tissue with the forceps had me almost biting my nails!

    1. pashion4popin says:

      they did use the water and catheter – u can see the surgeon inserting it in behind them. the actual syringe is shown in the assistants hand!

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